SIASU Roadshow


Singapore Airlines Staff Union, or commonly known as SIASU aims to instil a sense of pride and belonging in every member through strong representation and responsible unionism. Flexiroam is proud to announce, that we have recently signed an agreement with SIASU.

Our SIASU team, from left – Vki Yong, Jenice Yap and Ceres Kam

With this partnership, it has given us the opportunity to set up a roadshow in the Control Centre of Changi Airport on the 27th – 28th of September and 25th – 27th of October as well. In fact, the collaboration between Flexiroam and SIASU is more than just the roadshow, it is for both parties to co-market and coordinate sales of Flexiroam services to SIASU members for a period of two years.

Through this partnership, SIASU members are given exclusive offers upon purchasing Flexiroam X membership with 1GB of data packages. On the other hand, SIASU will feature Flexiroam & our exclusive offers in their official website.

This partnership received great responses from SIASU members as it is an ideal solution for cabin crews who travel frequently around the world. Flexiroam X enables users to roam in over 100 countries and the crew members were happy when they learnt about the wide coverage that we offer.

Check out some of the photos below..








As proud as we are to announce the partnership, Flexiroam is determined to enhance our development in the market and increase our customer base through strategic partnerships. Flexiroam will focus on continuously bringing better services to our users, trying to make everything user experience as holistic and wonderful as possible.

We are happy with our achievement, but we will definitely not stop here; we will strike harder to improve and enhance our services.