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Travel with Flexiroam's eSIM! Source: Flexiroam
Travel with Flexiroam’s eSIM! Source: Flexiroam


One SIM is enough to take you around the world. With Flexiroam, you get limitless and high-speed data wherever you roam. Pick from a variety of data plans that cater to local needs, or global data plans if you are leading jet set kind of life.

The Flexiroam eSIM is a global hit as it is hassle-free and less time-consuming for travellers. An eSIM refers to an embedded SIM within a smartphone which offer users the ease of just ‘installing’ a data plan right onto the SIM. They can also update, change, or re-write the SIM if want to. eSIMs also saves the hassle of manually switching SIM cards to local SIMs when travelling.

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No need for personal hotspot and having to be close 24/7! Do your own thing with the same DATA PLAN with Flexishare. Source: Flexiroam
No need for personal hotspot and having to be close 24/7! Do your own thing with the same DATA PLAN with Flexishare. Source: Flexiroam


Another interesting feature that Flexiroam offers is FlexiShare; a data-sharing feature that allows you to share your data even when you’re 5000 miles away from your family and friends (or right next to them!). Bid goodbye to your Pocket WiFi / MiFi devices as unlimited data can be shared with family and friends anytime with just a tap on the share button.

The best part – YES, this deal is available for the LOCAL and GLOBAL data plans. Of course, the person you are sharing your data with must have a Flexiroam SIM or eSIM connected to their smartphone too. You can also purchase a blank Microchip or SIM Card (or even an eSIM) for your friends and family – these do not come with a plan connected.

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Flexiroam Wallet


Flexiroam Wallet
Flexiroam Wallet: Less hassle during your travel


The amazing features don’t just end there! Flexiroam also offers an e-wallet feature (known for its convenience to pay for goods and services) in the Flexiroam X app. To make it user-friendly, you can purchase your data plans with just one click, say goodbye to typing your debit/credit card number numerous times.

Did we mention that you also get bonus credits when you top up larger amounts?! (save more money and get more data? Why not!). Complete a transaction using the Wallet within a year and extend the validity of the credits for another whole year.

You can also gain credit back with the purchase of selected data plans using the Flexiroam Wallet as your credits will last 365 days from your date of purchase. Automatically extend your wallet credits for another 365 days each time you use the wallet credits (this means you can use your leftover credits for future purchases too!).

Credits in your Flexiroam account will last for a year, and all you need to do is to complete one transaction within a year to extend your credits for another whole year! As you collect your credits, make sure to keep saving them and you would be able to redeem amazing data plans without needing you to spend more money.

How to top up Flexiroam Wallet

Top up your wallet and worry less about your data running out! Source: Pixabay
Top up your wallet and worry less about your data running out! Source: Pixabay


1.     Go to your Flexiroam Wallet and click on ‘’top-up’’
2. Choose your desired amount of credits to purchase
3. Check out using your payment method of choice
4. Once the payment goes through, your wallet balance will be updated
5. You can now buy your data with Flexiroam Wallet upon checkout!

With Flexiroam, you can enjoy more than just a roaming solution! Enjoy convenience, great service, and their global coverage which will save you money, energy, and extra SIM cards (especially those with real strict SIM card policies).

Upgrade and alternate your data plans while you are on the go. Use our eWallet and collect credits and redeem data plans with high- speed data with absolutely zero expenditure.

What are you waiting for, are you ready to send that selfie to your family and friends while you’re on your vacation? Flexiroam can help you with that.

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