Which Country Has The Best Passport In The World?


The list of the best passports in the world according to Arton Capital for the year 2017 has been revealed – One Asian country is taking the global lead.


There are many people around the world who hold more than one passport. However, this depends on certain countries’ and their regulations.

Some countries like Thailand, Latvia, St, Lucia, Greece, Portugal, the US, Spain, and New Zealand sell their passports to super wealthy individuals at prices ranging between $15,000 to $2,064,600 – with certain terms and conditions like significant investment, purchase of property, a specific duration of permanent residency and other terms.

While these passports certainly do hold a massive value for the wealthy traveler, there are certain passports with value money can’t buy. These passports are highly sought after, more than any other.

Singapore now has the best passport in the world, an achievement not only for Singapore but for Asia as a whole. This is the first Asian Country to hold the title.

Singapore’s Passport


The 2017, Singapore was named the country with the most powerful passport in the world. The report which was produced by the advisory firm Arton Capital, values passports based on their total visa-free score, visa on arrival and electronic visa authorization.

A holder of a Singaporean passport can enter 159 countries, either visa-free or by gaining a visa on arrival.

Paraguay was the country that holding Singapore’s passport back. With the elimination of visa requirement for Singaporeans by the authorities of Paraguay, the Asian nation’s passport took the lead over Germany.

In previous years, German and Singaporean passports came in the same rank (still number one). But Singapore is not one to share the spot. They always aim to soar higher.

The countries that follow include:

  • 2nd: Germany
  • 3rd: Sweden and South Korea
  • 4th: Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan and the UK
  • 5th: Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal,
  • 6th: Malaysia, Ireland, US, Canada

Countries that occupied the lowest ranks are:

  • 94th: Afghanistan
  • 93rd: Iraq and Pakistan
  • 92nd: Syria
  • 91st: Somalia
  • 90th: Bangladesh and Yemen

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