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Travel Tips: Guide to choosing a Singapore local prepaid SIM card

What Prepaid SIM Card Options are available in Singapore?

Travelers to Singapore have an option to choose prepaid SIM cards from GREEN Prepaid Card (StarHub), hi!Card (SingTel), and M Card Prepaid (M1).

Where you can buy Prepaid SIM Card from Singapore?

At Changi Airport:

At the Changi International Airport, the most common place you can purchase all the three Singapore prepaid SIM cards is the 7-Eleven convenience store which operates 24 hours at the:

  • Departure Transit Lounge of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2,
  • Departure Check-in Hall at Budget Terminal.

GREEN Prepaid Cards (Starhub) can also be acquired from Marina Bay Sands and UOB money-changing counters at Terminal 1, 2 and 3 of Changi Airport.


M1 (M Card Prepaid) Shops and counters can be located in five (5) locations within the Changi Airport, namely:

  • M1 Shop @ 65 Airport Boulevard (Terminal 3) opens from 10am-10pm (Daily),
  • M1 Counter @ Arrival Hall of Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 (Nearest MRT Station), and Budget Terminal which opens from 7am-12mn (Daily).


Outside the Airport:

Singapore Prepaid SIM cards for any of the three phone companies can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Retail outlets of Singtel, StarHub, and M1
  • 7-eleven stores
  • Cheers Convenience Stores
  • Singapore Post
  • Handphone Shops


How you can activate a new Singapore Prepaid SIM Card?
In order to start making and receiving calls on your new prepaid SIM card, it is necessary to ensure that your number is activated. Different providers have different procedure through which their new SIM Cards can be activated.

For instance, GREEN (StarHub) Prepaid, will only activate your new SIM card once you call any random Singapore number.

Usually, Service providers write their SIM activation steps in user guide which comes with any new starter pack. The safest way to activate your SIM card is to ask for assistance from the sales outlet during the time of purchase. Otherwise you can call the prepaid hotline or customer care line of the particular provider:

Customer Care numbers

  • GREEN (StarHub): Call 9850 0000 (StarHub Prepaid Hotline opens for 24 hours daily), 1633 (StarHub Customer Care, 24 hours daily), or +65 6820 1633 (StarHub Customer Care, for non-GREEN users).
  • hi!Card (SingTel): Call 1800 482 2800 (hi!Card hotline opens from Mon-Sun, 8am – 8pm) or +65 64822800 (SingTel Customer Care, for non-hi!Card users).
  • M Card Prepaid: Call 1800-843 8288 (M Card Hotline opens from 9am to 9pm, Daily) or 1627 (M1 Customer Service Hotline – Mobile opens 24 hours), or +65 9680 1627 (M1 Customer Care, for non-M1 users).


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Rates & information above were compiled on 29/04/2011.


Activating Prepaid Blackberry BBM Savings Bundles in Singapore

  • Please note that provided the prepaid SIM has internet access, you can still log in to your Blackberry BBM account without subscribing to any special Blackberry BBM package.
  • M Card (M1) Prepaid do not offer Blackberry BBM bundle to its subscribers.
  • Users of GREEN (StarHub) and hi!Card can activate the Blackberry VAS and purchase data bundle from either Blackberry for Individual or Blackberry for Corporate to start surfing the internet with their BlackBerry®.

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Other Important Things that You need to note:

  • It is a mandatory requirement to register all Prepaid numbers at point of purchase. For foreigners travelling to Singapore, you shall be required to present a Passport (valid for at least 6months) with valid residents or visitors pass, in order to register your SIM card.
  • All mobile service providers, upon request, offer MicroSIM card to their iPhone 4 users.



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