Terrible News: No More Unlimited Data Roaming In North America


One of the most lovely part about having a T- Mobile subscription is having unlimited data roaming in mainly three countries: the US, Canada, and Mexico. In fact, this has been considered to be the most generous perk of T-Mobile.

Sad News


As of November 12th, T-Mobile is putting a data cap on data roaming usage for US travelers heading to Canada or Mexico, putting an end to unlimited data roaming in North America.

The new cap limit is 5GB. Once you exceed the limit, you will be placed into the much criticized “Simple Global” speed tier (128Kbps).

“T-Mobile One Plus customers get 256Kbps, but that’s not much better.”

This is the official statement published on T-Moblie website:

“Starting November 12, 2017 customers on T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice North America, or legacy rate plans with a qualifying feature will receive unlimited talk, text and data with a maximum of 5GB of 4G LTE. After 5GB of high-speed data is used in Mexico and Canada (or your high-speed data allotment is reached, whichever comes first), customers will stay connected with unlimited data at Simple Global speeds (up to 128kbps for most plans or 256kbps with T-Mobile ONE Plus).”

Well, That Didn’t Last


According to The Verge, T-Mobile announced its unlimited global data roaming services back in 2013 as an expansion of their free international data roaming perks. The plan was dubbed Simple Choice Plan which had no additional cost over customers’ current rate plans, and will work in over 100 countries across the world.

The carrier no longer offers the Simple Choice plan to new subscribers, as it’s switched to exclusively offering its unlimited T-Mobile One offering. But those who are still riding out Simple Choice plans — as well as legacy rate plans — have been able to enjoy Mobile Without Borders regardless.”

Flexiroam X To The Rescue


Data roaming can be very annoying and very expensive, not to mention the hassle you have to go through if you wanted to get cheaper services. Some of which include:

  • Changing SIM card every time you go abroad
  • Buying a SIM abroad can be complicated

In some countries, you need to show your passport and pay security deposit just to get a SIM. The hassle doesn’t stop there:

  • Renting a device is also expensive because you’re renting a phone and the line
  • It could be hard to communicate with locals in countries that don’t speak a common language with you
  • You are limited to places with WiFi if you choose not to roam

Flexiroam X is a solution that enables you overcome all the inconveniences and benefits you in many ways.

It is just a simple sticker – Stick it on your SIM card once and use the app to connect (Download for AndroidDownload for iPhones). Then you’re set to roam at a reasonable price in more than 120 countries and with more than 580 network operators across the globe.

Benefits Of Flexiroam X

  • No hassle of buying more SIM cards every time you go abroad
  • Avoid the complications of language barriers
  • Cut the cost on data roaming
  • Keep your home SIM
  • Don’t have to limit your internet usage to hotels or Starbucks or similar places
  • Land and use your data immediately
  • Many more benefits

What’s The Problem If I Got A New SIM Card When I Am Abroad?


Well, there is no problem with that. BUT!

The biggest trouble is the threat imposed on your home SIM card:

  • It could be damaged
  • You could lose it
  • It could expire (based on your carrier)

Check the stories of two individuals who had different experiences with losing/damaging their home SIM

The trouble starts when you get back home. If you find out that your SIM is not working, it is going to be a very troubling situation, especially if your loved ones are waiting for you at the arrival hall.

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