The creator of FlexiRoam Jingle, Timmy Lai

timmy lai - the creator of the flexiroam jingle

Timmy Lai, a local musician, is the one whom we’ve sought out to create FlexiRoam’s unique jingle. He penned and recorded this jazzy and bouncy¬†light tune that we feel totally befits the FlexiRoam’s Happy Roaming ūüôā motto.

We also love that it sets the tone for our travelers to make & receive calls happily while they are overseas.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Listen to the FlexiRoam Jingle~ with VO” dl=”0″]

In case you haven’t seen the FlexiRoam intro video featuring this track, you can¬†also check it out below. We can assure you that you will be hearing more of Timmy’s work on the¬†upcoming videos that are in the making.

Thanks Timmy, we had fun working with you to create the soundtrack to FlexiRoam.

Here’s a little bit about Timmy:

Timmy Lai grew up in Ipoh and is a huge fan of Bee Gees, Beatles, Lobo, Carpenters, Rod Stewart and more. He started to play the guitar when he was 13, which quickly became his best friend. He wrote his first song at 14, performed it on stage, and was ever since hooked as a singer/guitar player.

Along the years, Timmy has also done a few recording sessions, doing minus one for jingles and also hired as sessions for local bands like Vespertine, The Rushers, Antraxs, V3, Thrived and many more.

Check out @timmylai on twitter or read his full bio at Oops Asia