The Flexiroam Home Is Finally Complete

The New Office Space…Is Ready!



It has been a little over a month now since the renovation of turning the mechanic car shop to our new office. Why? Well, because  a deal made almost a year ago has now been realized: to transform that very mechanic shop to our new and extended office space, and now it’s finally completed.

Our first impression of the new office space… well, we love it. We decided to go for a young and vibrant look for the new office space. Our design team had a modern style in mind; one that was more intimate and closed up, so we sealed our design off with a touch of double leaf glass doors that beautifully captures the sunlight during while preserving a cool temperature inside the office. Since the down lights worked quite well in our main office, it only made sense to extend the look to the new office pad.

Now, what would a home away from home be without an infusion of modern acoustics, especially with the introduction of our new meeting and discussion rooms.  Good acoustics is an important feature for offices, primarily because they nurture creativity and productivity. Our goal was to make sure that our employees feel comfortable and happy while they work, which is why we have added a few quirky features to our interior design.



As you walk through the frameless glass doors of the entrance you will be able to see “FLEXIROAM” merged onto a lightly shaded maple wooden wall with two main doors, classically designed within the wall. The maple wood gives the office more of an aesthetic feel with two swinging doors leading into our open area office space, three meeting rooms and a pantry for all our foodies.

On your right from the entrance, sits our large wall mounted global map that is well blended with the theme that is inspired by the service we provide, international roaming, and ends off with our signature catchphrase: “Bringing the world closer”. Along with these light creative touches, we’ve also incorporated a few more eye catching  features to this entrance area to create a homey environment for our customers and our team.

The spacious meeting rooms come equipped with wall mounted HD LCD screens along with frosted-glass boards for each room, certainly a site for sore eyes. As you walk past the entrance area, through the first main door on the left, comes the open work area that seats 15 of our team members on 4 black tables. The second door (to your right) leads to our first meeting room, one of three.


Here is a feature we were pretty chuffed with when brainstorming on the design of the meeting rooms: we aligned the rooms into three rows, against one another and created a sliding wall that allows us to turn all three rooms into a single town hall meeting room. We used the same colours as our brand:  red and white throughout walls and office furniture, we are big fans of our colours.

The ideas have not ended there, this is only the beginning of a trip through décor lane, and we’re having fun with every step of it. As our team gets bigger and our service grows wider, our goal is to create an enjoyable environment for our team and fill it with memories and cultural diversity. Our team hopes to project an overall image that is consistent with the quality of the international roaming service that we provide to the people that matter the most, our customers.


Written by Mbula Ngulube