The Limitations of FlexiRoam

It is indeed a rare occasion to see the founder of a product being frank about his own product’s limitations and weaknesses. At FlexiRoam, we’ve had a big debate among ourselves on whether or not we should highlight the limitations of the service that may decrease the confidence of our customers.

Yet, here we are with the truth. Yes, there are some limitations with FlexiRoam. You cannot receive the SMSes to your Malaysian mobile number (as stated in the FAQ), but we hope that with unlimited calls and one flat rate of RM10 per day, you can choose to make a call rather than receive SMSes from your contacts while overseas.

And as much as we desire to make every traveller HAPPY by bringing roaming charges down, there are some areas that are not within our control. Here’s a list of things that we are unable to promise our customers:

1) We are unable to forward SMSes for our customers. Why? Most mobile operators only provide call forwarding service but not SMS forwarding service. Hence, if customers are unable to divert their SMS to us, we cannot re-divert the SMS to their foreign SIM.

2) We cannot promise to display¬†the “Caller ID”. Our systems are set to send Caller IDs to the foreign mobile operators but it is up to them to decide what to display. So when you receive calls, the display may show private numbers or some random numbers.

Rest assured that my team and I are currently working hard to provide new solutions to overcome these obstacles. In the meantime, this is what we propose:

1) If SMSes are important to you, there are several ways you can retrieve your SMS. If you are a Telco D customer, you can carry a second phone just for receiving and sending SMSes. If you are a Telco M and Telco C customer, you can reload your Malaysian SIM card on your phone to download SMSes periodically. We recommend doing this once a day. (Note: if you pick up any phone calls while downloading SMSes with your Malaysian SIM, your telco’s roaming charges will apply)

2) In about a week’s time, we will be sending a daily SMS of¬†missed call notifications with caller ID. This enables our customers to return the missed calls.

We hope to continue receiving your support as we press on to innovate the service.

Jef Ong,
Founder of FlexiRoam



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