The Most Unusual Traveling Locations

The world is replete with various artistic natural wonders. As a traveler you may have seen everything from glaciated peaks, verdant valleys, deep gorges, sabbatical countryside to crystal clear oceans, colorful cities and extravagant historical sights. However there is still a part of our world which is vying to be explored. Here are some unusual travel locations that will take your breath away with their sheer outlandish beauty and uniqueness

Almost unknown to the civilized world till the last century, Auyan Tepui in Venezuela are a reminiscence of a pre-historic world. Known as the ‘Mountain of Evil’ in the local Pemon language, the painfully isolated serene table mountain is like a surreal kingdom between the earth and the sky. Owing to its isolation from the lower savannah landscape, this mystical region is blessed with an incredible animal and plant life and is home to some of the most intriguing species that are found here only. From rugged mountains, world’s largest waterfall, abandoned diamond mines and expansive forests, Auyan Tepui is a perfect place to claim sanctuary in the lap of nature.

The hulks of dead ships and vessels are reminiscent of the ill fate of the shipwrecked sailors, who did not drown in the gurgling waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but perished because of hunger, sun and thirst in the unforgiving Namib Desert. Skeleton Coast is one of the most desolate and unarguably the most picturesque coast line in the world, which no sailor will ever want to get estranged on. The cool waves from the ocean and the scorching desert heat create an eerie fog with dead ship hulks casting a haunting shadow over the desert, which has innumerable dark secrets hidden in its huge bosom.

Imagine a desert twelve times the size of the United Kingdom dotted with huge mesmerizing rock formations wherever you look. Watching the colossal rock formations and sand dunes in Al Wadi Al Jadid desert, which lies in the western part of Egypt is a breathtaking and incomparable experience. The desert is high in mineral content which makes the landscape flicker and dazzle in the scorching rays of the sun. The dust storms and gleaming rocks create a simply majestic aura to transform you to another universe.

Visiting the salt plains of Salar de Uyuni is like being on another planet. Spread over 12,000 square kilometers, the salt plains of Salar de Uyuni is not only the largest salt flat in the world, but also the highest. The vast expanse of the crust of lithium, magnesium and common salt is surely one of the most incredible sights in the world. Visiting the salt plains on a clear day with the sun shining brightly on the pristine salt crust is an experience that can not be expressed in words.

If you are a traveler who loves to venture on the road less traveled, then these destinations are waiting for you with their arms wide open. Bask in the sheer uniqueness of the nature and be a part of a world which exists within ours but is still afar.

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