The Most Useful Travel Apps

Gone are the days when you have to carry a local guidebook or a map with you every time you ventured to an unknown territory. With iPhones and Android smartphones becoming an inseparable part of our lives, it seems like there is an app for everything these days. Here is a list of some handpicked travel apps that will make your holidays a better experience –

Byword – We recommend this app for all the writing buffs out there. The app uses Dropbox and iCloud sync for easy backup and syncing. Several shortcuts, and autosave and auto-pairing functions make it a perfect replacement for travel journals.

Gas Buddy – This free app is a must for everyone who is planning a road trip. The app not only allows the users to find the nearest gas station, but also lets them to compare prices.

Google Translate – It is a brilliant free app that allows you to translate phrases in over 60 languages. It also allows users to speak aloud and read the translation and display the translation in full screen mode to the locals.

FlightBoard – Great iOS app, especially when you are picking up someone from the airport. The app flashes the arrivals and departures of flights on your iPhone or iPad screen and covers over 1400 airlines frequenting through 4000 airports worldwide.

With more and more developers developing innovative apps to make it easier for the travelers, it is necessary that you save on your international roaming bills when traveling to a foreign country. FlexiRoam allows you to stay connected with your family and friends and save up to 80% on your international roaming bills. With one time activation, enjoy an uninterrupted network without having to change your home country number. Switch to FlexiRoam and enjoy a tension free travel.