Is WhatsApp Killing Regular Mobile Phone Calls?


Are we going to stand witnesses to the demise of yet another technology that is getting outdated and replaced? The regular phone call will soon become a thing of the past.


The world continues to change and old technologies are replaced by new ones. Innovation drives so many parts of our daily life: business, education, modes of transportation, communications, entertainment, you name it.

Everything changes.

Dying Traditional Media Outlets – Example


Online media outlets are replacing traditional media platforms like newspapers, magazines and Television.

In fact, the Pew Research Center reported that among young Americans (18-29 year olds), only 5% get their news from newspapers. As of early 2016, just two-in-ten U.S. adults often get news from print newspapers.

TV numbers are dropping very quickly as well. 38% of American adults get their news online. However, TV is dying faster among younger adults and teenagers as they get their news form online shows on YouTube, podcasts and other platforms online.

The only population that still consumes traditional media is older/senior individuals.

This is not confined to the US population; it is a repeating pattern across the world.

The Internet is Changing Mobile Phone Calls


As we all know, the mobile phone came and replaced a massive portion of landlines. Now, there are 4.77 billion mobile phone users in 2017 and the number is expected to reach 5 billion by 2019. And as of August 2017, there are as many as 3.8 billion active users connected to the internet using mobile devices.

The internet isn’t stopping at killing newspapers and traditional television. The internet has changed the way we talk to each other. And it continues to change the way we communicate.

The regular phone call is getting less and less popular by the day, thanks to internet connectivity and data on mobile devices.

In fact, you don’t even need a mobile phone to make a call.

How is the Internet Killing The Regular Phone Call?

Here are some of the reasons why phone calls will be obsolete:

1. Social Texting Apps - These numbers are higher as of July 2017 – These numbers are higher as of July 2017

Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, and many others are all enabling call and video features and all you need is the internet to contact your family members, friends, colleagues and others. Facebook Messenger, Skype and other solutions are also replacing a large segment of the regular calls.

As of July 2017, there are 1.3 billion active users on WhatApp, nearly a billion active users on WeChat and 1.3 billion active users on Facebook Messenger. This is a lot and it is scaring telecommunication companies.

Business Insider reported that users on WhatsApp make more than 100 million voice calls EACH DAY, or more than 1,100 calls per second.

“The adoption of voice over IP services such as WhatsApp and Messenger, both of which Facebook owns, should worry telecommunications companies that rely primarily on cell data for revenue.” – The Business Insider.

SnapChat, Facebook and other social media platforms are also playing a big role and reducing the need to make a regular phone call.

There are also some 173 million daily active user of July 2017 as well on SnapChat.

2. Evidence Pointing to the Death of Direct Calls

peopleTelecom companies are dropping direct call prices, including international and roaming calls. In fact, many companies are now including unlimited free calls in their postpaid lines and many free minutes for their prepaid lines.

Additionally, many teleco providers are getting into unlimited YouTube streaming, unlimited WhatsApp texts and unlimited Facebook action.

The prices of mobile devices are cheaper, which means more people are buying devices that are compatible with WhatsApp and other social texting apps. The number of users is expected to grow big.

Additionally, media companies, advertisers and marketers are moving away from SMSs, mainly due to high prices. Now they are investing in a these apps which give them a great options at a cheaper price. Not to forget, great data analytics addressing user behavior, preferences and many more information marketers need to target their audience.

Irregular Phone Calls


It is time to rename regular phone calls and begin to use Irregular calls because regular calls are now the ones we do via WhatsApp, FB Messenger, WeChat and other social texting apps.

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