5 Unknown Spring Festivals You Haven’t Heard Before


Winter has ended, people all around the world celebrate the Spring season in many different unique ways.

These are based from thousand years of tradition and others is relatively new.

Let’s explore and check out how the world celebrate this one of a kind yearly event!

Marzanna – Poland


Originating from 16th Century every first day of Spring, people from Poland drown a doll called Marzanna which is made from straw.

Marzanna is made to symbolize the cold and dreary winter season. They will do a parade in the streets making their way to a nearby body of water like a river. Then the decorated dolls will be tossed into the water which symbolizes the end of Winter’s chilling anger.

Switzerland – Sechseläuten

People in Switzerland celebrate the winter’s end in a burning and fiery way to start the new season.

A snowman is stuffed with explosives  then burned on a stake once the first bloom of flowers appear. The snowman is called Böögg which translates to Boogeyman, this is dated back from 16th century.

In modern setting, the rate at which the Böögg burns is seen as a predictor of how the summer weather will be. The faster the fire reaches the head of the snowman, the conditions will be predicted to be better. Also If it explodes in the first 5 to 10 minutes it will be expected to be dry and sunny, if it explodes around 10 to 15 minutes then the summer season will be rainy.

Bulgaria – Baba Marta Day

Baba Marta means “grandmother of March” in Bulgaria, which also takes place on the first day of the month according to tradition.

In folklore, Baba Marta is described as a moody old lady that must be treated kindly, otherwise she will cast a spell to have a longer cold winter days.

To welcome the upcoming weather, people in Bulgaria decorate their wrists with Martenitsi, a red or white bracelet that symbolizes fertility and good health. Also Bulgarians give out the red and white symbols to their friends and loved ones wishing them peace & happiness.

Scotland – Whuppity Scoorie

This tradition is very old that in some point no one knows it’s origin. In Lanark, Scotland children run around with balls made of crumpled paper around their heads on the first day of March. Running laps around the town’s bell known as Kirk, until it rings at 6 p.m.

It is believed that this originated to ward of evil spirits before the spring season will start.

Bosnia – Cimburijada

Also known as the Festival of Scrambled Eggs, every March it is celebrated in Zenica, Bosnia. The main hero of this tradition is the egg which symbolizes new life as the Spring season starts. People will cook scrambled eggs in huge pots and then handed out for everyone to eat and enjoy.

This tradition is dated back a few hundred years now and still currently attracts visitors around Bosnia and the world.


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