Volcano Alert in Bali and Evacuation in Progress


Around 135,000 people have evacuated their homes or place of residence from the areas surrounding Mount Agung on the Island of Bali, Indonesia due to intense volcanic activity. 


The mountain is only 75 km (47 miles) away from the most frequently visited part of the Island, Kuta.

An official from the Disaster Mitigation Agency said that the chances of an eruption are high and the situation is now on disaster alert. However, seismologist and volcanologist aren’t able to predict a precise frame of time for the eruption event.

The signals that prompted scientists and government officials to declare a state of alert include:

  • An increase in the frequency of tremors
  • Continuous upwards movement of magma
  • High number of volcanic tremors (more than 500 on Monday)

Officials have issued the highest level of alert and people have been advised to remain at least 9 kilometers away from the central vent and magma passageways.

According to government agencies, there are many people still within the danger zone as of this week.

Bali International Airport is yet to be effected by the alert. However, several regional airlines have been put on travel advisory, mainly from Australia and Singapore.

The last time this mountain erupted was in 1963 and more than 1000 people lost their lives.

Reports from yesterday claim that there is a distinct lack of tourists on the island and volcanic tremors have increased to 1000 tremors per day. Speedboats have been relocated to a safer place and passage to Gili islands is no longer active.

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