Witness The Reveal Of The Mobile App That Will Revolutionize The Way You Travel, 24 November 2015

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Its been four years since the start of one vision to revolutionize travel communications, and the show has only gotten bigger ever since, and just when you were beginning to think that travel convenience had reached its peak, you won’t believe what we are about to release…

On the 24th of November 2015, one simple reveal will set a new benchmark for smartphone users and travelers all over the world and we’re certainly thrilled about it. Asia’s leading roaming service provider is making a name for itself on its home turf with its long anticipated Flexiroam App Launch at Selangor Digital Creative.

This milestone setter event will be the official introduction of the Android and Apple approved roam savvy app for both business and leisure travellers. The unmasking will not only be visible to an immediate audience but will be accompanied by a live public stream available at https://www.flexiroam.com/app/ from 2 pm to 3 pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)/11am to 12 pm (Australian Western Standard Time).

Audiences all over the world will get a full glance of the international travel convenient features and functions of the app that extend to over 200 global destinations. From video call features, instant messaging services and never seen before international number purchase capabilities, this event will take on a detailed discussion on the user functionality of the app that is predicted to dominate the roaming industry within just a few years of its launch.


Are you excited yet? Well if this smartphone game changing app hasn’t sparked your appetite for travel just yet, then how about we let you in on a few interesting facts. A Mobility report recently conducted by Ericsson revealed that the number of global smartphone subscriptions currently lies at 2.6 billion with another 3.5 billion more expected by the year 2020, that’s 70% of the world’s market.

That’s not all, a recent study by TripAdvisor revealed that travellers from Asian Pacific countries were planning to travel more frequently in the year 2015 with the average traveler predictions set to rise by at least 15%. Delving right in Malaysia itself proves just that point in an interview with the head of MasterCard Worldwide, Safdar Khan, in which he expressed that Malaysians have shown a keen interest in travelling overseas in recent years.

“This is an exciting time for travel in Malaysia with consumers showing keen interest and looking to spend leisure times both domestically and internationally”, said Safdar.

So what exactly do all these analytics really mean for global travelers? Simply that more and more globetrotters are in need of travel savvy, money-saving services that will give them the freedom to spend their savings on the experiences that matter most, their travels. With the Flexiroam app, making international calls around the globe will no longer be an inconvenience or even a complicated process.
Flexiroam app1The launch of the Flexiroam app will prove to be the debut of the most comprehensive communication app on the market that will give users a wide range of options, flexibility and access to Flexiroam services and products. Join us for our official mobile application launch and learn more about all of the benefits that can come with your next trip. This is one date that you do not want to miss.

Click here to find out more out our brand new app: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fue_yBJ8TnU

Live stream link: www.flexiroam.com/app/live

Time: 2pm to 3pm AEDT/ 11am to 12pm (AWST)

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Written by Mbula Ngulube