We know travel is fun but we can also learn a lot of life lessons from it. You just don’t always learn what you expect to learn. Sometimes the lessons come at unwanted times and give you unwanted truths. 

So here are some compiled travel advice that are not worth believing. Keep reading if you don’t want to spoil your next travel!

Women Should Never Travel Alone

This is possibly one of the most exaggerated, over argued statements in travel.  Awful things happen in any country including that of your home, they happen to both women and men. And the best piece of advice for those worried about solo female travel is to make sure you’re traveling with common sense, be aware of your surroundings, trust your gut instinct, and don’t take any risks you wouldn’t take at home.

Solo travel through some countries can prove to be a greater challenge for women than it is for men, and certain destinations do require extra safety precautions especially when traveling alone. But that doesn’t mean that women can’t or shouldn’t get out there. The world in general is a very safe place, and in reality no one ever really travels alone. You make friends and meet people along the way, travel made easy.

Never eat the street food

Street food is the yummiest, inexpensive and coolest way to get a taste for local cuisine, and is generally the most direct route to learn about country’s culture. It’s a cheap way to eat, and will give you foreign flavors which will literally blow your mind. If you’re still uncertain, look for a place which is busy where there is a high turnover (means food won’t have a chance to fester), where one person is handling the money and another is cooking the food, and travel with a small hand sanitizer to use before you touch your food.

Wait Until the Kids are Older Before You Take Them With You

Kids can learn all kinds of things from traveling, even if they aren’t old enough to recall. Traveling with children can also lead to the most rewarding travel experiences, and it often teaches them more about the world than they will learn from a formal education.

And while you may think it’s a daunting concept, the reality is that parents are out there traveling with their kids on a daily basis, some even opting to travel full time, homeschooling them on the road. Time spent together is best started when they are young and you’ll never regret it.

Data Roaming is Expensive

When choosing mobile phone providers, people tend not to take the data roaming fees in account.
The conclusion is that the operators can have them very high without losing customers.
On the other hand, there are now solutions to that in quite a few countries that you may want to visit. The simplest is mobile hotspot or WiFi connection. But what if there’s no WiFi or you need to use internet on the spot. Best recommended advice is to get a cheap data roaming sim that can cover over 120 countries with just a single microchip, no need to buy separate international sim cards again and again.

Travelling is all about experience and best way to achieve it is to go out and explore! Don’t forget to share and let your friends know.