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2017 Recapped: Flexiroam’s Biggest Achievements and Events


As the year is coming to an end, we’d like to share Flexiroam’s proud achievements and developments in 2017 with our fellow stakeholders, who have certainly been a huge part of our growth.


150 Distribution Partnerships from 37 Countries

Flexiroam has expanded its geographic reach according to plan. We’ve successfully become the preferred international data roaming choice in the data roaming industry.


12 Significant International Partnerships

This year alone, our successful partnerships with airport retailers like Bluwire and Exactta have helped increase Flexiroam’s marketing exposure and accessibility – from 3 airport outlets to 29 airport outlets!

We’ve forged partnerships with prominent travel and tour agencies like Triip (Vietnam) and Chan Brothers (Singapore). As such, we have managed to leverage on the partner’s existing user base and gain a foothold in the respective countries.

Take a look at our 2017 timeline of Partnerships that we’ve forged thus far.



We have also been tapping into the frequent travellers market through partnerships with leading airlines and staff unions in the aviation industry.

Partnerships with global airlines like, Korean Air and KLM has allowed Flexiroam to provide convenient data roaming to an extensive network of travellers.


Data Coverage in 20 New Countries, Total of 131 Countries

Flexiroam X has increased its data coverage to 20 new countries in 2017 and currently has a total coverage in 131 countries.


The official mobile application Flexiroam X has also undergone several enhancements this year to bring a better experience for all users.

To support more international users in various regions, we have made Portuguese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese language available in the application.


Local Data as Low as $1.00

Flexiroam has introduced new local data plans for single country destinations this June to increase Flexiroam’s target market.

Users are now able to pre-purchase local data for their travel destinations for as low as $1.00.

Currently, there are 16 country-specific local data plans and 1 Europe plan which covers 31 European countries. The local plans target budget travellers to popular travel destinations.


2017 was indeed an eventful year for Flexiroam. We have made many successful global partnerships which increased Flexiroam’s brand exposure and accessibility across the globe. Flexiroam X as a product and service has improved significantly through technology developments and offerings.

In 2018, we will continue our efforts to make Flexiroam the product of choice for roaming travellers.

We would like to thank the immense support from our customers, partners and team who played an important role in shaping our company and product.

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