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4 Tips on How to Earn More Airline Miles for Frequent Flyers


Frequent flyers and frequent business travelers are always seeking for opportunities to score upgrades, get premium lounge access, free checked bags, and various other perks. Airline Miles is one way to get that elite status.

Airline Miles may feel like a foreign game you might not know the rules of. Well, you’re not alone.

With our 4 basic tips, you can be on your way to fly first class when you travel, whether for leisure or business purposes.



1. Just sign up for an airline rewards program

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Even if you are planning to fly an airline only once, sign up for its rewards program. Some airlines’ reward points never expire, like Delta and JetBlue.

As travel specialist Gary Leff said,

“The biggest mistake anyone make is simply not collecting the points.”

Most millennials often doubt the payoff of airline rewards programs, but Leff believes that frequent flyer programs are worth playing the game, and he isn’t wrong.

He has also suggested logging all your loyalty accounts and points on a mobile app like AwardWallet. This app helps keep all your points balances in one place, making it much more convenient for you to keep track of, especially if you’re a frequent flyer.


2.Sign up for a co-branded airline credit card

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If you have signed up for a co-branded airline credit card, and have met the minimum spending requirement, it isn’t impossible to earn enough miles for at least one free flight.

Though you should also keep in mind a couple of things. Will you be able to meet the minimum spending requirement without spending anything out of the ordinary?

Do keep in mind that you would want a card that offers miles you can actually use while not harming your financial health in the process.


3. Use your card for daily spending

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To earn as many mile points as possible, you should use your card as often as you can for all your purchases. Many airline cards offer at least one mile for each dollar you spend.

This is an easy way to collect Airline Miles without much hassle.

Most major airlines offer shopping portals that allow you to earn extra miles upon your purchases. For instance, the Southwest Rapid Rewards shopping portal offers about 1-10 miles per dollar spent on any purchases made through the portal.

According to Stefanie O’Connell of The Broke and Beautiful Life,

“It’s absolutely worth checking for ways to make big payments by credit card. Rent? Mortgage? College tuition? Think of all the miles! Just be wary of any additional processing fees if you pay by credit card. Read the fine print.”

David Phillips is one guy who knows how to hack the airline rewards program game. He has earned 1.2 million Airline Miles by simply buying chocolate puddings!



4. Earn miles on by staying at a hotel or rent cars

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Just like shopping sites, most airlines offer rental car partnerships and hotel stay partnerships too.

You can easily earn Airline Miles just by renting a car or booking a hotel stay through their website. For example, sites like Rocketmiles.com or PointsHound.com let you collect more Airline Miles on hotel stays. You can collect more during promotional period too.


It’s called loyalty programs for a reason. Try to stick to one or two airlines, and you can easily collect more Airline Miles. With these tips you get to travel like a boss without spending too much.


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