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5 Most Innovative Tech Devices for your Next Business Trip

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Tired of your business trips already? Don’t like waiting for your flight, your transportation, your hotel check-in process? Too much hassle when you travel?

Your business trip doesn’t have to be so daunting.

Here are 5 most innovative tech devices that you should get before your next business trip. It will definitely save you plenty of time and hassle.


1. Use Keyless Mobile Check-in

You’ve heard of airline web check-in. But have you heard of a keyless mobile check-in for hotel?

Image from: Business Wire

Some luxurious hotel chains have successfully created a keyless mobile check-in system, enabling mobile check-in (via the app) and keyless room entry (via bluetooth).

You no longer need to queue up to check in. Checking into hotels have just been made much easier for you. You can do it anywhere, anytime. You also no longer have to worry about losing your key or access card when you travel around.

Some of the most renowned hotel chains provide this Keyless Mobile Check-In service, like Starwood Hotels and Resorts via their Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Keyless app.

Image from: SPG Keyless
Image from: SPG Keyless

Others like Hilton and Marriott offer the same Keyless Mobile Check-In service too via the Hilton Honors app and Marriott Mobile app respectively.

Image from: Hilton Honors
Image from: Hilton Honors


2. Get a Smart Charger

Smart charger brings you the ultimate convenience and portability that you need.

Image from: TYLTImage from: TYLT

TYLT Smart Charger has a dual-function feature- a wall-charger and a portable charger (like a Powerbank)!

With this smart charger, you no longer have to carry your powerbank and phone charger separately now. Saves the space and weight of your baggage too.

Image from: TYLT


3. Get a Credit Card-Sized Power Bank

Power bank these days, regardless of which brand, are still pretty heavy and bulky, like the popular XiaoMi power banks. They’re still pretty inconvenient to carry around due to its size and weight.

Well a Credit-Card-Sized power bank is what you need.

Image from: Colour My Learning

These pocket-friendly power banks are so lightweight and slim that you can just keep it in your pocket, wallet or purse! With the built-in cable, you don’t even need to carry another cable.

This will come in handy when the battery of your device runs low while you travel or when you’re at work abroad.

Image from: Amazon

Different types of credit card-sized power bank is widely available in the market, for instance, the SlimVolt SlimCard power bank  or the iQualTech Ultra Slim Pocket Power Bank.


4. Get a Translating Earpiece to help you navigate in different languages

Language barriers are bound to happen when you frequently travel for your business trips, which is why you need to get this translating earpiece!

Waverlylabs has launched its Pilot translating earpiece that auto-translates between users who are speaking different languages.

Image from: IGeeksBlog

How does it work?


Image from: Waverlylabs

The Pilot earpiece is a specially designed noise-canceling microphone that recognizes speech and filters out ambient noise. The Pilot App then uses speech recognition, machine translation and speech synthesis to translate what was spoken. The second Pilot earpiece will then play the newly translated speech for the other person.

It is available in 15+ languages! This will certainly solve your language barriers issue when you travel abroad.


5. Sign Up for a Cheap International Data Roaming Plan

If you’re traveling for a business trip, it’s a given that you would need to stay connected at all times.

Flexiroam X is the ultimate international data roaming solution that will certainly ease your frequent business travels.


With its innovative technology, Flexiroam X allows you to roam in more than 120 countries. All you have to do is stick the Flexiroam X microchip onto your existing SIM and download the Flexiroam X app. You can now travel anywhere and still stay connected without the need of changing SIM card.

With the Flexiroam X microchip, you get to skip the queue to purchase local SIM cards every time, and skip the hassle of removing and switching between SIM cards all the time. You also get to avoid the risks of losing all your SIM cards from various countries.

Aren’t these tech devices just perfect for frequent travellers? Have we missed out any? Let us know in the comment box!


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