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5 Most Luxurious Airlines in The World

Travelling sounds so nice, especially during times like this. But, the thought of flying sometimes scares people away. Not only we have to deal with turbulence, we would also be accompanied by our worst enemies. Who are they? Backache, dark circles, dehydration, cramped legs and et cetera. Especially when your flight is more than 3 hours, it’s a nightmare. 

You know what they say – a little luxury won’t hurt. In the case of flying, luxury really won’t hurt you physically. The amazing services these airlines provided for their first class passengers are top notch, but they come with a great amount of money. Expensive and high-class, these are the 5 most luxurious airlines in the world:

1. Singapore Airlines

Source: Singapore Airlines

The 2019 award-winning airline is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious airlines in the world. Singapore Airlines won the Skytrax World Airline Awards of “World’s Best First Class” in 2019. The impeccable reputation of Singapore Airlines is gaining more attention from the world with its suites. 

In your own personal cabin, you can sleep comfortably on a bed and enjoy first class treatment and services from the airlines. When you’re travelling with another person, you can request to retract the privacy wall and have a double bed with you. 

It comes with a private check-in, as well as a luxury lounge for you to enjoy before you depart on a 5-star hotel up in the air. These over the top services obviously don’t come with a cheap price. To indulge yourself in a private suite, you will have to pay USD$23,000 from Singapore to New York. 

2. Emirates

Source: Emirates

Before Singapore Airlines offered their amazing suites, there’s Emirates who is among the pioneers of suites up in the sky. With its tagline “As close as it comes to your own private jet”, the standards that Emirates is willing to set for their first-class passenger are not to be questioned.

Offering such a remarkable service, Emirates’ private cabin is completed by your very own mini bar inside the cabin (and of course, the first-class bar outside), fine dining meal option that will be served on an exquisite fine china, first-class bathroom with shower and many more. Not to forget, the toiletries are from Bvlgari! You can feel extremely refreshed even after a 24-hour flight. 

The 2019 winner of TripAdvisor’s World’s Best First Class deserves to be put among the 5 most luxurious airlines in the world. Enjoy yourself in a resort-like flight starting from USD$19,000 from New York to Dubai. For now, you can experience Emirates’ exquisite service through your screen from its official 3D immersive experience.

3. Etihad 

Source: Etihad

Enough talk about the suites inside an airplane, can we talk about a residence now? Yup, you read it right, a residence. Etihad, the second largest airline in the United Arab Emirates, after Emirates, is offering their first-class passengers with The Residence

The Residence is a three-room “apartment” in the sky. It’s a pretty much the real life embodiment of Howl’s Moving Castle, but it’s an apartment. It features an ensuite shower room, private bedroom and living room for you to stretch out. Prior to your departure, you will also be treated with a VIP Travel Concierge consisting of a private chauffeur-driven limousine to the VIP lounge in the airport. 

We’re talking about flying with style here with Etihad. You can enjoy this first-class experience if you’re travelling to and from Abu Dhabi, London, New York, Sydney, Paris and Seoul. Be prepared to spend approximately USD$15,500 to go from New York to Abu Dhabi. They also offer a 3D experience if you want to know what you will experience when you get onboard.

4. Qatar Airways

Source: PinterPoin

Another award-winning airline company from the Middle East, Qatar Airways. From its pre-selected fine dining option prior to your boarding to the exclusive Bric’s amenity kits and designer-made pajamas, Qatar Airways strives to provide the best experience for their first-class passengers.

Expect to have a flatbed seat in your private cabin, as well as a 19-inch screen television with over 4000 entertainment options. You will also have access to a bar and in-flight cell phone facility when you’re up in the air.

Check your wallet and your bank account balance to see if you have at least USD$4,375 to fly with Qatar Airways’ first-class suite from Doha to London. Say goodbye to your legs being dead in the middle of a flight and indulge yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime kind of service with Qatar Airways.

5. Virgin Atlantic

Source: Virgin Atlantic

Last but not least on our list, it’s Britain’s award-winning airline, Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic has been chosen as the recipient of the “Global Five Star Award” by Apex in 2019 and has even brought home two more awards in 2020. Being a five-star experience provider, Virgin Atlantic’s first-class is no joke!

The Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class cabin’s amazing service will start even before your flight departs. Starting with a limousine driven by a chauffeur that will take you to and from the airport to the amazing experience in their VIP lounge at the airport. When you get onboard, the luxury still won’t stop. Fine-dining, bar with a wide variety of drinks, flatbed and entertainment that will make you even more comfortable.

The luxurious lifestyle above 33.000 ft does not come with a cheap price, unfortunately. Set aside approximately USD$8,712 to fly from New York to London with Virgin Atlantic

So, are you going to fly with these luxurious airlines for your holidays? 

Plan your holiday ahead, but for now stay safe, stay home, stay connected with FLEXIROAM

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