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The 5 Most Luxurious First-Class Airlines in the World


Being on a plane can sometimes be dreadful and uncomfortable, especially on a long flight; but a queen-sized bed and a personal shower could DEFINITELY turn your experience around (with a bit more money, of course). If you’d like to fly in style, here are 5 of the most stunning first-class cabins money can buy.


1. Emirates Airways

Image from Hearstapps

Image from: Hearstapps

Emirates’ new Mercedes Benz inspired first-class private suite is only available aboard some of their 147 Boeing 777s. There are only 6 of these exclusive, state-of-the-art suites on each plane; truly reserved for the elite of the elite. This is the first time Emirates took such heavy influence from another brand, but like Mercedes, the attention to detail is always there.

Emirates takes privacy to a whole new level with the ceiling-to-floor door that seals the cabin away from the bustling outside. Each suite has a video call function to contact the flight attendants and service windows to have your food and beverages served through. How convenient is that? You don’t even have to turn around to keep a lookout for flight attendants anymore! Just enjoy your privacy and have everything sent right to you.

To top it off, Emirates even has high-resolution windows fitted for every private suite, of which you can enjoy some breath-taking scenery! The cameras fitted on the sides of the plane live feeds, in high-resolution, the footage into every suite, allowing you to enjoy the stunning beauty of nature.

Image from Daily Mail UK

Image from: Daily Mail UK

All of Emirates’ first-class chefs are award-winning, and known to put together an exquisite plate of healthy food packed with flavour. Based on reviews, their meat dishes tend to be a little on the dry side, but their vegetarian, fish and seafood dishes will blow you away! Their glistening Halibut with capers with a side of asparagus and broccoli is just the perfect comfort food. Try it yourself the next time you fly with Emirates and stay satisfied through your entire flight.


2. Singapore Airlines

Image from Skift

Image from: Skift

Singapore Airlines does not fall far behind in comparison to Gulf airlines and their first-class suites. Singapore Airlines has just unleashed their sealed cabins with sliding doors last year, and is the first airline to offer a double bed option for the first 2 suites in the aisle. Unlike first class suites on other airlines, Singapore Airlines’ suite comes with a proper bed and a separate leather armchair.

The lush armchair has an electronic swivel function which is a nice touch as everything is within an arms-reach without having to twist around. The solid wooden tray table available in the cabin allows you to work comfortable for a couple of hours too. Their amenity kits are packed with luxury-French-brand Lalique moisturiser, cream, balm, and refreshing fragrances, as well as pyjamas and an added touch of a scented candle to set the mood.

Image from Says

Image from: Says

On top of all that top-class treatment, you will also have your own private toilets! They may not have a shower on board, but there is a dedicated vanity counter for you to freshen up and check your appearance before you arrive at your location. Each mirror is surrounded by soft lighting, so you’ll be able to do your makeup with good lighting in the bathroom or even back at the desk in the cabin.


3. Cathay Pacific

Image from Travel Update

Image from: Travel Update

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific was labeled the 4th best in the world in 2016 by consumer aviation website Skytrax. Living up to its title, Cathay Pacific’s first class passengers are of course treated with some of the most extravagant goodies, that includes the 500-thread count cotton sheets, Bose noise-canceling headphones, a Zegna amenity kit and a pair of organic cotton pajamas. 

Cathay Pacific has an open layout even for their first class suits, rocking a 3 seats per row configuration, they probably have the widest airline seats in the air today, despite not having an enclosed suite like the Emirates offer. Based on reviews, Cathay Pacific offers some of the most comfortable bed linings and pillows on flight.

Image from Cathay Pacific

Image from: Cathay Pacific

As soon as you take off, dinner is served so you can immediately rest comfortably after take off and your meal. While they do have Asian food choices, their Western menu choices features premium choices like the Australian prime beef tenderloin for the meat lovers and tomato-based truffle tagliolini pasta for the vegetarians, which we highly recommend. If you need a strong boost of coffee to stay awake, Illy coffee is served on board as well.


4. Qatar Airways

Image from: Points from the Pacific

Image from: Points from the Pacific

Qatar Airways’ first-class cabins are by far the most customisable, with seats designed by B/E Aerospace. With a 1-2-1 configuration, each seat has a divider which you can raise or lower for takeoff and landing.

Every passenger suite has a media panel equipped with an all-access power port, HDMI, USB and NFC capabilities for all your work or presentation needs. The tables are broad enough for you to hold a meeting or a tabled discussion too.

Image from Qatar Airways

Image from: Qatar Airways

At Qatar Airways first-class, you can expect no other than its delicious gourmet food on board. There is a wide variety of dishes you could order from the in-flight menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For a light starter, you can perhaps choose the scallop amuse bouche, which is bound to revitalise your taste buds.If cholesterol is the least of your concerns, you could also perhaps consider trying the succulent Marinated Lamb Loin with Rosemary Jus that offers a punch of flavours and melts in your mouth.


5. Etihad Airways

Image from Bloomberg

Image from: Bloomberg

Out of all the airlines that made the list, Etihad is perhaps the winner of the best first-class airlines in the world. Prepare yourself for the most luxurious flight ever in the Residence by Etihad; a three-room suite consisting of a living room, bedroom and an ensuite bathroom! With so much space, it’s almost as if you have your own private jet to fly on.

At the airport, you will have your own private entrance to the plane. As soon as you enter, you will be greeted by a Savoy Hotel-trained butler that will be personally serving you for the rest of your flight. Speaking of personalized service, there is a personal chef to serve your meals as well. The chef will whip up your meal of choice to your specifications using only the freshest of ingredients.

Apart from the exclusive service, you will also be treated with the finest materials from around the world. You will be able to dine with 24-karat gold plated porcelain tableware by  Bernardaud, France alongside with the matching 24-karat gold plated cutlery by Studio William, England. Even the glassware is designed by superstar Vera Wang for Wedgewood. You can enjoy The Residence’s Signature Cognac service from the beautiful Norman of Copenhagen glassware.

Image from I Fly A380

Image from: I Fly A380

The bedroom is better than most hotels around the world. With Egyptian cotton bed sheets and luxurious linens from Pratesi, Italy, even the most sensitive skins will not be irritated. Right after a long day on flight, you can request for Etihad’s best turndown service and dive into the best sleep in your lifetime in Christian Lacroix’s Voyage range loungewear. With a 27-inch LCD monitor right in front of you, you can also watch anything you’d like right before you go to bed. Etihad’s The Residence would of course cost you quite a bit, but it’ll definitely be worth it. You can rest assure that you are getting the best of the best at Etihad as they sure does deliver only the best.

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