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5 Reward Programs That Frequent Business Travelers Must Join

Reward programs are very valuable because for every dollar spent, businesses make some sort of investment, particularly when they spend money on travel. Therefore, every business traveler needs a deal that would be valuable for their personal efforts and business returns.


If you are a frequent traveler/flyer, you are a person who appreciates what it means to have the right miles and the right reward programs. These points are extremely useful and can get you to save money, because this is a valuable opportunity for people who travel a lot.

Competition among airline, hotels, and credit card companies drove these companies to create new ways to service their customers. Almost all of them implemented their own programs to reward all their customers, especially those loyal and frequent customers.


But competition pushes the limits even further. Now, airlines, credit card companies, and hotels are working together to create reward programs superior to those of the past and something that would reward customers, whether they take a flight, book a hotel room, rent a car, or even hire a helping hand with a specific card or a program.

Many smart business travelers are very careful when it comes to what programs they choose to join and pay for. Remember, it is an actual investment.

Inc Magazine compiled a list of programs that are considered to be the best programs for frequent business travelers.

1. United Airline MileagePlus


In spite of the harsh criticism this program has due to blackout dates that come up when travelers want to use their points, this program still has lots of fans. It rewards members for each dollar spent on ticketsinstead of miles traveled. These points can then be used for flights, hotels, shopping, and car rental.

2. Marriott Rewards


Marriott’s reward program deserves to be one of the best. The global hotel chain created rather unique ways for their customers to collect points, and use these points. Customers can collect points through social media interactions and mentions of Marriott, and even car rental.

Thanks to a partnership with Hertz, it is not only point collection that has become easy. Using these points has become more meaningful. The points collected can be converted into free nights at the Marriott hotels and resorts, shopping, and travel packages.

Since the Marriott family owns the Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard, Springhill Suites, Le Meridien, Sheraton and more than 5,300 properties worldwide, the rewards points can be used globally and variety of hotel properties belonging to this company.

3. National Car Rental Emerald Club


This is applicable for frequent travelers within the US and some parts of Canada.

As a traveler coming into the US, especially if you go there very frequently, renting a car is important – because it helps to have a ride available when you need it.

“Emerald Club members get VIP treatment with their car rentals, including access to all rental vehicles for discounted prices.”

With this membership, members can skip the counters, get their e-receipts whenever they needed, save time, papers and money. Members can get status upgrade within a specific number of rental days in a year – members will earn an executive status – which gives customers a choice of full-size rental cars and automatic upgrade to the next car class up.

4. Starwood Preferred Guest


With this membership program, which is associated with the Marriott group, customers are allowed to receive points with every hotel stay and with no blackout dates when redeeming these points.

“The company lets customers choose between nine hotel brands, including Aloft, Weston, and Sheraton. Points can be redeemed for hotel or resort stays, premium concert tickets, and backstage passes.”

This is a great deal for the time out business travelers need.

5. Expedia Rewards


Using online booking services has become the most popular way to look hotels, find flights, rent a car, and even plan your trip. So, it makes sense that many of these online services are creating their own reward programs – as they become more successful and accomplished.

While cheaper service is a perk to enjoy from the online services, online booking allows people to save money through joining these specific programs.

Expedia has an interesting program.

“Expedia’s rewards program gives members two points for each dollar of travel booked through its site, which can be used to book hotels or flights for yourself or someone else. Members also have access to perks like spa discounts and free drinks at select +VIP Access hotels.”

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