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5 Travel Tips You Must Know When Using Data Roaming

The need to make calls and use data services beyond your network provider’s coverage area can really get expensive.

Mobile users should be very careful when travelling, issues like automatic data sync and numerous third party applications running in background can rack up massive data roaming charges.

Cutting the cost of connectivity down while travelling overseas can be difficult, so we compiled together our top five travel tips to avoid this from happening and help you have a wonderful travel experience.

1. Turning Off Updates


Mobile phones that continuously connecting to the Internet means that all apps (especially social media apps) are always showing the latest content. This means it is more likely data charges can rack up without you noticing it. To avoid this from happening make sure you turn off updates and download again when you have access to free Wi-Fi connection.

2. Maps with Offline features


One of the most commonly used app while data roaming is maps. We all don’t want to be lost in a foreign place that’s why we use it especially when booking hotels and finding tourist destinations. Using offline map apps before travelling can reduce data roaming, there are lots of available in the app store so check it out.

3.Maximizing free Wi-Fi access


When you have the privilege to access a free Wi-Fi connection it’s an opportunity to do all you want, but the most important is to update and download the apps you need when the Wi-Fi connection is gone especially when you are going to a destination. Mind you getting ready and prepared have its benefits.

4. Monitoring your data usage


If we really want to spend less while travelling it’s a good practice to monitor our expenses. And monitoring your data usage is not an exception. There are available apps that can monitor your data roaming usage and you can set your preferences.

5. Get a cheap roaming data sim card

We want you to enjoy your traveling experience and we highly suggest that you get a cheap roaming data plan that is hassle-free and convenient. Available with Flexiroam X plan today!

Get connected in more than 120 countries with just a single microchip and it is valid for 1 year. And the good thing is you don’t need to remove and change your local sim card. Just attach it to your existing sim card and you are ready to go (that’s hassle-free my friends).

Another thing about it is you can earn free 100 MB data when you refer this to your fellow travel friends (You can’t go wrong with free data, that’s a fact)

Always keep in mind that traveling and exploring don’t need to be expensive. It’s a matter of planning and getting what you needed the most. Always prepare ahead and you can reap the benefits of a very memorable and enjoyable trip. Safe travels!