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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Hong Kong

I’m almost sure, in fact I’m sure you already heard about Hong Kong. There’s a lot of famous things about this city full of skyscrapers. But I bet there’s a few interesting things you didn’t know about Hong Kong (at least until you arrive here and read this amazing list of us).

1) Robot waiters

A restaurant in Hong Kong called “Robot Kitchen” has employed three robot folks to welcome guests, take orders from them, and say goodbye when they leave. Well, it is true that the robots are uglier than C3PO, but is still amazing.


Phone: 2623-2238 – Robot Kitchen, Shop G27, Park Central, 9 Tong Tak St., Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

2) Hong Kong is dense

Do you remember that crowded concert that you went a few years ago? Well, that could be described as a Hong Kong experience (with a little bit of overstatement). The city is one of the most densely populated places in the world. The land population density as at mid-2014 stood at 6 690 persons per square kilometer, and Kwun Tong, with 57 250 persons per square kilometer, was the most densely populated district among the District Council districts.

3) Touch the sky

Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world by far: 303 building with more than 150 meters of height can be found in the city (the second is New York with 237). If you consider buildings taller than 100 meter this number grows to 1326!

The tallest building in the city is the International Commerce Centre. Built in 2010 and with 484 meters of height it is also the 8th-tallest building in the world.

So, when you go to Hong Kong remember: look up!

4) Dogs 

In Hong Kong owning a dog is a status symbol (The bigger the dog, the bigger the status). These dogs live in the 450 square foot apartments with their owners as a member of the family.

Hong Kong has experienced a boom in dog ownership in recent years, with an estimated 174,975 canines believed to live in the city. To cater for them, huge numbers of dog-related businesses have sprung up, with everything from baths to walks and even funerals laid on.

5) A Symphony of Lights

A Symphony of Lights is a daily light and sound show in Hong Kong. It is the world’s largest permanent light and sound show according to the Guinness World Records.

The show is organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and is displayed every night with good weather at 8 pm Hong Kong Time. An orchestration of music, decoration lights, laser light displays, and pyrotechnic fireworks, the multimedia light and sound show lasts for around 14 minutes.

6) Octopus cards

The Octopus card is a reusable contactless stored value smart card for making electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong. Launched in September 1997 to collect fares for the territory’s mass transit system, the Octopus card system is the second contactless smart card system in the world, after the Korean Upass, and has since grown into a widely used payment system for all public transport in Hong Kong, leading to the development of Oyster Card in London.

The Octopus card’s tentacles extend way beyond mass transit use to convenience stores, supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, carparks, car parks, service stations and vending machines.


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