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7 best designs in Fortune’s list of Top 100 Designs of modern times

Fortune published a list entitled “The greatest designs of modern times” which features 100 product designs that have revolutionized the way we live. Many forget that design goes beyond aesthetics, I mean, it is about looking good but a huge part of it is about functionality. Let’s look at some of our favourite from the list:

1. iPhone

(Designed by Apple, 2007)

This icon of a phone has gone beyond Tupperware for containers and Colgate for toothpaste. The late Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world in 2007 as “An iPod, a phone, an Internet communicator” which was a huge deal.

These days, iPhones are equipped with eSIM capabilities. These embedded SIMs enable changing carriers without physically changing a SIM which is a big plus as we face the pandemic today. In addition, multiple plans for personal and business, no cutting SIMs, or finding adapters.

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This smartphone’s design is stunning both hardware and software wise, it has a professional-grade camera, seamless OS, and an ecosystem of apps and services. Apple has sold over 2 billion iPhones and is still a front runner in the mobile industry today, making it one of the world’s most valuable companies.

2. Google Maps

(Designed by Where 2 Technologies, 2007)

Google Maps has the navigation we can’t be without. It has a humanistic approach to its design that makes getting from one destination to another, the simplest process yet. Google Maps thinks like a person but functions like a robot. From planning, time management, discovering nearby, and much more, it has become a necessity of life. Think about it, with Google Maps in the picture, nowhere is unknown.

3. Nokia 3210

(Designed by Alistair Curtis, 1999)

Wired once called it “the greatest phone ever made”. Interestingly, it was the first phone to sell more than 100 million units, pre-smartphone design days, of course. Nevertheless, it speaks volumes about this gem. It paved the way for a good size, good battery life and good function. People still use it today, it seems. It was awarded the product of the Millennium for its achievement for selling past the 100 million mark.

4. App Store

(Designed by Apple, 2008)

This contemporary innovation has brought a great boost to all iPhone users. Apple began with little to no apps to hundreds of apps overnight, and it’s thanks to the App store. It gave a centralized home for apps to be stored, where customers could go to buy apps easily and safely. The App Store is what made mobile apps mainstream, and the world was never the same again after that.

5. Spotify

(Designed by Spotify, 2006)

It was a norm for music to exist on one platform, Spotify disrupted that. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify revolutionized music, allowing recorded music on desktop, tablet, and mobile. They received the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer award in 2011, their music services has made it simple for any person to get an account, try it free, or go premium or get the entire family in on some great jams.

6. Apple Watch

(Designed by Apple, 2015)

“Before the Apple Watch, smartwatches were bulky wrist computers. Apple transformed this category into a fashionable accessory that improves people’s health.” —Bas van de Poel, Creative director, Space10

The first Apple Watch featured Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optical heart sensor and much more, as the rest of the series. Its design grew in design sense, capacity, and functions. Paired with an iPhone, the Apple Watch is magic on your wrist. 

7. Microsoft Office

(Designed by Microsoft, 1990)

An oldie, but a goodie, one that all of us can’t do without. This suite of productivity applications made for office and business use. Each design functions as a unique skill in completing tasks. It is available in 35 different languages, and is supported by Windows, Mac, and most Linux variants. Microsoft Office does not go unnoticed for its specifications and contribution to us humans. 

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