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7 critical questions you need to know the answers to

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The following is  a list of the top questions our users and customers ask about Flexiroam X:

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1. How does Flexiroam X work?

To use Flexiroam X, you need to

  • Apply the Microchip on your existing SIM card
  • Activate it through the Flexiroam X mobile app
  • Follow the installation steps in the user manual
  • Now, you should be able to switch to Flexiroam X networks easily when you are abroad

Don’t forget to switch back to your home SIM when you get back home.

Click here: Check the tutorial page to learn more about setting up the Microchip and the service.


2. Can I use Flexiroam X with an inactive, terminated, or expired SIM card?

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to have the Microchip installed on an inactive, expired or terminated SIM.

If you apply it on that a SIM that isn’t in service, you might experience detection difficulties.

However, in theory, the Microchip should work on an inactive SIM. But do expect to experience some issues.

If you face ‘Undetected SIM’ issues, remove the Microchip and Contact our support team: support@flexiroam.com


3. Do you have customer service?

We have full team dedicated to customer service and technical support. Our customer service can be reached here:

  • Call on +60326318181
  • Whatsapp to +60192912692,
  • Email: support@flexiroam.com


4. How can I use my data?

For first time customers, you need to purchase the Starter Plan (comes with a FREE Microchip). The Starter Pack contains an X-Microchip that enables you to use mobile data in over 100 countries.

If you used all your data, you will need to purchase more data as you go.


5. What is data plan validity?

Of course, nothing lasts forever and everything has an expiration date. This is also applicable for data usage. Your data will be valid based for the number of days stated on the data plan from the day you activate/purchase the data.

SIM Card and Microchip

6. What if the microchip is damaged, applied wrongly or lost?

First, don’t be a hero and try to rescue the microchip. Second, the best way to get help is to contact our support team, immediately:

  • Call on +60326318181
  • Whatsapp to +60192912692,
  • Email: support@flexiroam.com

Visit our Contact Us page for more details.


7. What data speed will I get when travelling with Flexiroam X?

You can find our coverage in more than 200 countries. But, of course, not all countries offer the same services. There are two things that you need to know about our coverage:

  • 120+ Countries with 3G coverage
  • 56 Countries with 4G coverage

Keep a close eye on our coverage as we are constantly upgrading the service.

Check out our full coverage here.


Our customer support can be reached here: support@flexiroam.com | Whatsapp to +60192912692

Find us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with this ID: @flexiroam

Visit the full list of FAQ here.