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8 Ways to Save Costs While Travelling for Business


Flying frequently for your business? Want to save more money?

Here are 7 smart ways you could save costs while traveling for business.


1. Travel with ONLY carry-on luggage

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Kill two birds with one stone by travelling only with hand-carry luggage, no check-in fees and no wasting time waiting at the baggage claim. It also saves you the hassle of packing the night before.


2. Pack lighter to fit your carry-on

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Plan your outfits for the short trip; maybe a set of smart casual clothes, wear your suit to the airport, and pack an extra shirt just in case you’re meeting the same person twice. Instead of folding, roll your clothes to make the most of your bag space.

Read more on How to Pack Light When You Travel.


3. Use public transport or ride hailing services

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Services like Uber are available in many countries worldwide. Not only is that cheaper, but it saves you time settling the paperwork at the airport and gives you the flexibility of choosing your next mode of transport. Some countries have better public transport so if you plan your time right, you may not even need Uber.


4. Avoid hotels if you can

Unless you’re being subsidised by your company, hotels will burn a hole in your wallet. If you’re just looking for a place to sleep, there are plenty of alternative accommodations you could consider, like Airbnb.

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However, sometimes you might need the facilities of a hotel like a business centre. If you can’t avoid hotels, you could consider staying loyal to a particular hotel chain that is best suited for you. You can even get added perks with loyalty programs like free stays or free use of facilities! 

5. Go cashless to save currency conversion rates

In developed countries, card or e-cash payment methods are widely accepted. That means you don’t have to lose on converting your currencies. 

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However, do try finding a card that does NOT have foreign transaction fees so you could really benefit from the rewards points program.


6. Research your food choices

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Research the food choices around the location you’re visiting and where you stay. That way you can plan when you might need a good meal to unwind the day without compromising on the costThere are plenty of food blogs available online with reviews you could consider.


7. Maximise your travel deductions

The golden rule here is claim where you can, save where you can’t.

know-your-dedcutions-6Image from: NYC Gov

Thoroughly look into your deductions provided by your company for things like airline tickets, lodging, meals, and even data roaming. From that, live within the allowable limit for each and save on the costs you have to bear yourself.

Just be sure to keep the receipts to claim later.


8. Get Flexiroam X for cheap data roaming plans

Flexiroam X is a data roaming microchip ‘sticker’ that allows you to travel the world and stay connected in more than 120 countries. All you have to do is simply stick the microchip onto your existing SIM card, install the Flexiroam X App, and you get to instantly use data at home or abroad.

If you’re a frequent traveller or business traveller, you get to save A LOT by just paying a fixed flat-rate price regardless of your location. You don’t have to get multiple SIM cards each time you travel as this microchip will allow you to use data in more than 120 countries.  You’ll never run out of data, and get to save more!


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