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A Guide to Amusements Parks in South Korea – Flexiroam Local Data

When thinking about taking a trip to South Korea, the first few activities that would pop into someone’s mind would probably be shopping for skincare at Myeongdong, searching for street foods in Insadong or even visiting the company buildings of your best-loved K-Pop idols around Gangnam.

Little did you know, South Korea is home to a few large amusement and theme parks, and even has some of the world’s best attractions.

Lotte World


Starting with the smaller of the two, we have Lotte World. Being the World’s biggest indoor theme park, Lotte World is a must go to anyone visiting Seoul. It’s also one of the planet’s most popular parks, welcoming around 7.5 million visitors in 2013 (which puts it just ahead of Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood for attendance).

How to get TO LOTTE WORLD?


It’s very easy to commute to Lotte World. The park is located in the South of the Han River, which makes the subway the best choice of public transport to get there. Signage and most announcements are made in both Korean and English, which makes the experience a breeze for non-locals to get around. Depending on where you are residing in Seoul, the subway ride should cost around  ‎₩1050 to ₩1250 (USD$0.90 to USD$1.11 at the moment).

Stop at Jamsil Station, located on subway lines 2 and 8. From there, you follow a few clear signs to Lotte World, walking through the basement levels of the Lotte Mall. Upon a few minutes of walking, you will be greeted with the familiar entranceway setup of most theme park fans, counters where you purchase your admission tickets and turnstiles to enter the park.

Unique attractions/Rides IN LOTTE WORLD

Lotte world is home to 45 individual attractions, which have a large range catering for every age group. One of the kid-friendly is Dragons Wild Shooting, which makes riders point their laser guns at 3D dragon models as well as screens full of the little creatures.

It’s a briskly paced and beautifully themed attraction that’s also a lot of fun. If you are a fan of roller coasters, Comet Express is the way to go. It features a two-person car rotating throughout a journey in space. It’s a fast-paced, thrilling ride for the more adventurous crowd.

Allocated in Magic Island, there’s another ride called The Adventures of Sinbad, which is a boat ride that took many of its cues from the Sinbad legends as it does from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain. It’s a gorgeously themed attraction of cinematic scope and a grand length. It’s chock full of every Sindbad lore into the experience.


Pharaoh’s Fury is a fairly creepy ride that centers around riding a jeep-like EMV vehicle that passengers get on. It’s relatively slow compared to the other rides, but that heightens the ride’s intensity. This ride is better suited for older audiences who appreciate a slower paced ride.



In terms of food, Lotte World offers an abundance of typical American theme park snacks: ice cream, popcorn, and churros. There’s pizza (featuring more Asian-preferred toppings such as seafood and mayonnaise) and hot dogs (with Korean twists such as Bulgogi toppings, which is marinated beef).

If you are not a fan of fast food, there are multiple sit-down eateries that include Italian cuisine, burger joints and of course traditional Korean restaurants. One of the visitor favorites is a Japanese place called Mr. Pork. It’s known for its deep-fried pork cutlet called Tonkatsu (often translated to Donkatsu in Korea).

Two set meals, that comes with udon noodle soup, cabbage slaw and other side dishes, plus two sodas will set you back around ₩26,000 (currently USD$23).



If indoor theme parks don’t seem to be of your taste, Everland should be right up your alley. This theme park is currently the biggest theme park in the whole of South Korea. Not only there are both outdoor and indoor rides, but there’s also even a zoo within its compounds!

How to get TO EVERLAND?

There are multiple ways to get from Seoul to Everland. The most time consuming yet cheap way is by the Subway. Using the Yongin Ever Line, go to Suwon Station. From there, transfer to the Bundang Line and head your way to Giheung Station. Upon reaching, transfer to the Everline Line and make your way to Jeondae Everland Station. There will be a free shuttle bus service to Everland once you reach Jeondae Station.

This method of going to Everland will set you back ₩2450 (USD$2.17) and the journey will take 122 minutes. For the same price but less than half the journey time, you can opt for the public bus. Take Bus No.5002 from Gangnam Stn. Exit 5 and it will take you straight to Everland. This is probably the better option out of the two.

Unique attractions/Rides IN EVERLAND

Everland is divided into 5 themed zones, which are Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia. Global Fairs mostly consists of shops and restaurants, so thrill-seekers tend to browse this zone last. Get your adrenaline running at American Adventure since it’s home to Everland’s most thrilling and extreme rides. Some of which are Hurricane Adventure (sends you swinging and spinning up to 19 meters off the ground!) and Columbus Adventure (a classic pendulum ride that will rock back and forth as high as 33 meters off the ground!).


Check out cute animals and exotic wildlife at Zootopia. It features petting zoos and animal shows. You must experience the Safari World (take a private jeep with a professional animal trainer and get up close and personal with the Safari’s wildest creatures) and Panda World (an interactive and educational experience where you get to meet the pandas and learn all about them).

If you have a family in tow, Magic Land is filled with kid-friendly thrills. One of them being the Magic Swing, which is a smaller and tamer version of the Columbus Adventure, designed to feel like you’re taking a ride on the Magician’s Tarot Card. Last but not least, European Adventure. This zone is home to the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster called the T-Express. It has park goers dropping from a 77-degree angle at a whopping speed of 104km/hour! It’s blasphemy if you miss this as an adrenaline junkie.


After experiencing all the rides and experiences, you would have probably worked up quite an appetite. Everland has plenty of different eateries that would cater to every crowd. For the ultimate Korean street food experience, you can head over to Snack Buster. They feature tasty bowls of fish cakes and Korean fried chicken with French fries and Tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes). If you are feeling famished, you can head over to Burger Cafe Europe.

It’s technically fast food, but everything is made-to-order, such as their steak burgers, premium big burgers and cajun chicken burgers. One more advantage whilst dining here is that it’s located in European Adventure, which means that you are able to watch the parades whilst munching down on your burger. And of course, they have the quintessential theme park snacks such as churros and turkey legs, which are available in various snack stands throughout the park.


If you’re not residing in South Korea and planning to visit for their theme parks, it’s highly suggested to get roaming data. It’s important to constantly be connected to the internet at these kinds of places, be it for translation purposes or for the park knowledge. Especially with Everland since it’s a very big outdoor theme park so it’s not wise to rely on the free wifi.


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