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Will AirAsia traveller SIM card / Flexiroam Starter Pack Suit Your Travels?


As 21st century travellers, we know connectivity is one of the most important if not the most important thing to have on a trip. We are so caught up sharing our #OOTDs and #wanderlust photos with our ‘squad’ and the rest of the Interweb. It’s no surprise why we’d go to great lengths to find the best travel plan, one that gives us a real bang for our buck!

Let’s be honest, we want the best coverage and speed for the lowest price. Who doesn’t? Though we should look at what would suit our travel needs instead of what is just ‘cheap’ in the market. We’ve done a breakdown between two travel SIMs to help you ease your decision-making minds, namely AirAsia traveller SIM card and Flexiroam Travel SIM:

Features / Products air-asia-sim-card-flexiroam                 AirAsia Traveller SIM

flexiroam-starter-pack-microchip-simcard-esim-pFlexiroam Starter Packs

Country coverage

22 countries

160+ countries

Data capacity 4GB, 15GB, 20GB 500 MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 7GB
Validity 7 Days Up to 360 Days
Price RM25-RM60 Starting from RM3.76
Extra discount 30% off – book 90 days in advance
Microchip option No Yes
App activation No Yes
Payment Online Online
eSIM No Yes
Self-pick up Yes Yes
Customizable plan No Yes
Plan recommender No Yes
Data sharing No Yes

Both travel SIMs are great options depending on your travelling needs. Ask yourself, are you travelling near or far, long or short and how important is data connectivity. We do feel Flexiroam does have an upper edge in most areas as it seamlessly tailors the plan to you, which we feel is something lacking amongst other SIMs.

These are just two of the endless types of travel SIM plans and packages out there. Don’t let the ads dictate what would suit your trip. If data is not something you wish to spend on, we get it. Here are some additional tips when it comes to keeping data use to a minimum whilst travelling:

Download apps that work offline

You’d be surprised at the number of options available. Apps for itinerary management to currency conversion and city guides. Some work partially or entirely without an internet connection. Just leech on Wi-Fi where you can!

Stop apps refreshing in the background

This one for the iOS users. Under Settings > General, you might want to turn off Background App Refresh as it’ll prevent apps from sending and receiving data which uses more data and battery. Last thing you want your battery going flat in a foreign country.

Use offline mapping tools 

Navigation apps are super handy whilst travelling but they consume heaps of data. Try using an offline mapping tool such as Google Maps, Ulmon or Here WeGo that allows you to download country maps ahead of time.

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