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Apple Indoor Maps: You’ll Never Get Lost in Massive Airports Again


The longest part of any trip has to be finding your way around the airport.

You can use the directory and signs or ask your way around, but you know they’ll still have you spinning in circles trying to get to where you want to be.

So how are you going to get your luggage checked-in, eat and get chocolates for your kids without having to go to the airport super early? Apple Indoor Maps has got your back.


Image from Mashable

Image from: Mashable


Maps for Airports and Malls

That’s right, Apple now has detailed floor plans in 34 airports around the world, with the majority within the US. You may have laughed at them in 2012 after their stumbling start, but they’ve made it happen now! Rolling out with their iOS 11 update in December 2017 was their new Indoor Maps feature that clearly maps out multi-level airports and malls.

As frequent travellers, this is a game changer because now you can plan out your walking paths effortlessly ahead of time.

Pretty cool right?! Hold on to that thought, you haven’t seen the coolest parts yet.

Taken from Cult of Mac

Image from: Cult of Mac


Indoor Map Features

What you see above is the Philadelphia International Airport on Apple’s Indoor Maps. The map is 3D so you’ll get a good sense of your surroundings in the airport to navigate your way.

They don’t currently provide directions like outdoor navigations, but for good reasons. Shops will inevitably turnover sometimes and if Apple didn’t keep up with the shop changes updates on Maps, you will be left confused.

You can still, however, see your current position on the map that tracks you as you find your way to your destination, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in airports anymore. Now you can get your luggage checked-in quickly and get on working on those accumulated business emails before your flight!

Image from MacRumours

Image from: MacRumours

So, what else can you find in Indoor Maps?

Pretty much everything in the airport, that includes toilets too! Apple works closely with the airport’s retail managers and airport authorities to present each and every feature from lifts, escalators, shopping outlets, eateries, arrival & departure halls.

Apply Indoor Maps is by far, the most detailed and accurate indoor interactive map available today (accurate to three meters), even ahead of mapping giants like Google. So ditch that airport guide you just stuffed your bag with and whip out your iPhone! But, how do you actually use it?

Image from Travel and Leisure

Image from: Travel and Leisure


How to Use Apple’s Indoor Maps

Apple is always talking about the customer experience. This Indoor Map feature is no different. Upon openings the Apple Maps when you’re in a supported airport, a “Look Inside” button would appear under the terminal name.

1. Tap on “Look Inside” and you’ll be brought to the Ground Floor by default.

2. Tap on “1” (Ground Floor) and you’ll open up indoor maps for different floors available.

3. Zoom in to see additional location points such as luggage claims, restrooms, dining & shopping and boarding gates.

4. By default, you’ll view the airport in 2D layout, but swipe down with two fingers to switch to the 3D layout.

Image from TechCrunch

Image from: TechCrunch

It’s hard not to love Apple’s Indoor Maps after years of being blindly lost in airports.

While it’s a huge step in the right direction for mapping, Apple could consider some other useful features like estimated walking time from place to place. Maps are scaled, so it’s easy for users to misjudge the distance from place to place and that would be a feature a lot of us would want in order to plan our schedules more effectively.

Another feature that they could include in the near future are moving walkways, open seats and tables, and of course USB charging stations so that we can work in peace knowing our alternatives to the bustling cafes packed like sardines during the holiday season.

However, you do need data to operate Apple Maps, and that’s where we have your back!


Flexiroam X: International Data Roaming

Flexiroam X is a 0.08mm ultra-thin microchip that you can stick onto your current SIM card to enjoy data roaming via dual SIM function on your iPhone.


With data coverage in all the countries Apple Indoor Maps currently supports (and more), you’ll never have to struggle with lagging WiFi in airports ever again and still navigate comfortably for 50 hours with merely 1GB of data!

Wait no more. Get your starter pack today!


News Source: Mashable

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