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Where Has My Data Gone?!

Since the launch of Flexiroam X, many people have been asking us this same question. Is 1GB enough to roam overseas for a week?  Well, before we answer this, please allow us to ask ‘Do you know what is the average usage of data that you use daily, especially while travelling?

So you pay an average of RM 30 to subscribe for 2.5GB per month to use, but do know where it all goes? Are you aware as to what phone activities use up such large amounts of your quota; especially when you’re overseas and trying to save on paying for data roaming charges? Well, fret not – cause here’s a small breakdown for you.

2016-09-Infographic-blog-post01Information and data sources from:
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Now that seems pretty little isn’t it? But imagine paying a huge sum for unlimited data only to waste it away once your holiday ends. *ouch*

Take a moment and picture this, you’re planning to backpack with some pals around the world soon; you know experience life and do some bonding before everyone gets so caught up with life and the years just pass by, but all you can think of is how are you gonna stay connected to your family so they won’t be worried sick about you? I mean I’m not sure about you guys; but if I don’t check in with my family once a week, I get a nice long lecture from my mum.

So you fork up more cash and pay for a one-time SIM card that will cost you about USD 15 to about USD 40 per month, depending on how much data you will be subscribing too. The question still remains though; will it burn a huge hole in your pocket at the end of the day?

Psst! we have a solution for you

But, now with Flexiroam X you only pay USD 9.99 and whatever data that you have lasts you for an entire year. Rather than paying different prices for different amounts of data, why not pay one flat rate and earn up to 100GB roaming data instead right? So, is anyone intrigued yet?

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