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What Are The Best Halloween Festivals To Go To?

It’s October! Which also means……Halloween is coming right up! If you are a little unsure what there is to do during Halloween, fret not. Let us enlighten you about some of the BEST Halloween Festivals you definitely shouldn’t miss out on!


1. Village Halloween Parade, New York

Image from: Time Out

This event is so big that it is usually televised on local stations. More than 50,000 paraders, dressed in various costumes would come together at this 3-hour-festival in the West Village. There will be dancers, bands, artists, giant puppets and people in outrageous costumes marching down Sixth Avenue. The best part? ANYONE can join in the fun, as long as you come dressed in your costumes. If fun and spooky vibes are what you’re looking for, don’t miss this event!


2. The London Dungeon, London

Image from: Get Your Guide

Speaking about Halloween and frights, you definitely can’t miss out London’s popular Dungeon. The London Dungeon is best known for the interactive spooky experience they bring to their visitors. You get to come face-to-face with some of the popular villains like Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper, who will take you through 14 shows and 3 scary rides. If scream-fest is your kind of thing, you should totally check out this place.


3. Knott’s Scary Farm, California

Image from: Scare Zone 

Knott’s Berry Farm theme park, located in Buena Park CA, transforms itself into a horror-park annually. More than 1,000 monsters, 4 scare zones and 13 interactive mazes will ensure that you leave freaked out. They are in fact looking to up their scare quotient. Their all-famous “Walk In, Freak Out” slogan is truly no joke.


4. Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival, Ireland

Image from: The Telegraph

During Halloween, more than 50,000 people dressed in costumes will flood the streets of this small town in Northern Ireland. Halloween is actually taken pretty seriously in Ireland. There will often be fireworks display and carnival parade too. This is probably one of the world’s most underrated Halloween events, which is why we had to include this in the list too.


5. Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights, Singapore

Image from: ItsCamilleCo

Before heading to the annual Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, be sure you’re ready for the scare! The theme park comes alive with horrifying zombies, mutants, monsters and maniacs along the streets! This place turns into a horror street and it becomes so frightening that they would advise kids below the age of 13 not to enter.


Do share with us in the comment box below other Halloween events that we’ve not included! 

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