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What is the best SIM card for travel?

How to choose the best SIM card for travel?

Are you planning an overseas trip? You don’t want to pay a lot for international roaming ?

You need to get a travel SIM card. But which one is best for you? These are few pointers that you should ask yourself to ensure your travels aren’t interrupted by any unexpected communication problems.

1. International Roaming Coverage


What countries are covered? Are new places added very often? Some international SIM cards only cover Europe, or a small collection of countries.

Make sure you have coverage in the countries you are travelling to as well as any countries you plan on travelling to in the future.

It’s much easier to have one SIM that does it all rather than several SIM’s that you may lose get confused which which is which.

2. Can you keep your existing number?

You won’t be able to port your regular number across to a travel SIM card. But this solution will enable you to use your regular mobile number without roaming charges.

3. Does the SIM / credit expire?

Some travel SIM cards expire if you don’t use them regularly, or they require you to top up every month or they will be deactivated. Ensure you get an international SIM card that suits your intended usage frequency.

4. Rates


Rates across different countries for data vary greatly.  Take a look at the rates for all the countries you plan on visiting as well as where you have already booked for.  If you estimate some usage figures you can get an idea of your daily spend.

Check out roaming charges in the EU

5. Help and customer support


In case the worst should happen while you are travelling and you need to make a call urgently but can’t, it’s good to know that you can get help if you need it.  Check the opening times of customer service, see if you can get online help, or if the company offers any how to guides etc.  You should also check social media channels to see how active the company is as that is another place you can get immediate help if you should need it.

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