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Best Summer Holiday in These 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World!

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There’s no better way to spend summer than on a gorgeous beach with a mojito in hand or something. Ah, paradise. From sun-kissed tans, water sports, and fruity drinks, we have the countdown on the world’s best beaches to visit in 2020.

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Pick your plan, mark your calendars, let’s go:

The 7 most beautiful beaches in the world for your summer holiday:


Take us to Krabi with you please! Source: Wikimedia Commons

Straight from a postcard, this gem of a beach draws tourists from all parts of the world. This semi-private beach is only accessible via Ao Nang or Krabi, where only boats are the means of transportation. You’ll see plenty of high limestone cliffs amidst the cyan waters, it is one of Thailand’s most peaceful and stunning beaches.

Read the guide to an amazing ISLAND HOPPING in Krabi HERE!


Enjoy the infamous Jurassic Coast for your summer trip! Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located on the Lulworth Estate in south Dorset, the Durdle Door is an iconic beach. It is England’s first natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001. This magnificent natural limestone arch was formed by the powerful waves that eroded the rock and pierced a hole in the middle. Sit by the bay and enjoy the crashing waves and admire the epic structure.


Perfect beach for perfect summer holiday in Tulum! Source: Flickr

Millennials know this one, that hot yoga town. Tulum features 1,000-year-old ruins and a New Age vibe unlike any other which keep tourists coming. Interestingly, the community there is mainly cash only, so remember to hit the ATMs in time. It’s exotic shores, yoga love, and sumptuous foods are just some of the bonuses that come with this beach.


Blue sky and clear water, let’s go to Laucala Island! Source: Flickr

Some call this place the oasis of escape, and they’re right. Laucala Island is a privately owned island that focuses on luxury and all things grand. The owner of this paradise is Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of Red Bull. He bought the island in 2003 and turned it into a resort/holiday glam home for him and his celebrity friends. It opened to the public in 2009 and has plenty of international clientele since then, those who want privacy, serenity, and posh.


Get your swimsuit ready and hop on a boat to El Nido! Source: Wikimedia Commons

El Nido is located at the northern end of Palawan island. If you’re looking for a getaway to disconnect, this is the place. The internet has been reported as extremely poor, so get your work done before you go off-the-grid. Island hopping is a popular activity here, you can explore and be charmed by the wondrous sights, sounds, and marine life. A must-visit for those looking for some serious downtime.


We can’t leave out Bathsheba Beach (it’s a private beach!) Source: Flickr

This remarkable unspoilt beach on the east coast is where you need to be. Bathsheba is a photographer’s dream, with its perfect balance of hues and majestic rock formations. It is also commonly known as The Soup Bowl. Bathsheba Beach is a popular spot for surfing competitions and all who love a sound wave, it’s not safe to swim though because of its rock formations. It’s a great beach to fly kites or have a great summer picnic too!


You can swim, surf or just enjoy the beach in Hawaii! Source: Wikimedia Commons

As the name so aptly describes it, the sunset here is to die for. Sunset Beach is on the North Shore and offers two miles of lovely white sand and some of the best waves ever. It is the ideal beach for surfers, relaxers, snorkelers, and more. The ocean waves are calm during the summer months, but June through September is when one must be careful. Nevertheless, this beach offers colour, nostalgia and plenty of fun in the sun.


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