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Best travel destinations that will make you want to pack and leave right now

So much goes into the thought process before picking the travel destination. We read reviews, ask friends and attend travel fairs to find the holiday spot that will fit what we want. So, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best (in our opinion anyway) cities and countries that will put the capital V in your vacation.



It’s a powerhouse of innovation, home of great automobiles and other great saviors like the aspirin. This country boasts spectacular landscapes, vibrant metropolises, and idyllic half-timbered villages. The icing on the cake, fairytale palaces, and architectural masterpieces.

We recommend Hamburg, the second biggest city. It’s’ a captivating mosaic of contemporary culture, architecture, music and killer fun nightlife.

Begin your tour with a city skyline to die for at the outdoor viewing platform of the wave-inspired Elbphilharmonie. Stop by the city’s spectacular new concert hall and gateway to HafenCity, a former docklands area turned futuristic waterfront quarter.

Make a pit stop at Speicherstadt for coffee, this UNESCO-recognized warren of red-brick warehouses that will lead you to the amazing Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway. It’s truly mesmerizing.

Another bite? Head to Brüke 10 in the harbor for the renown fish sandwich and wash things down with a beer whilst counting container vessels from a beach chair in the funky StandPauli bar.

Top your Hamburg visit with a night out on the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s glorious nightlife and red-light district where the Beatles once roamed. Party with the locals and get into some mischief or chill out to tunes from bands at the Golden Pudel Club or Chug Club.



If you’re a tree hugger, you’ll love our next choice. Alberta is a slice of nature heaven; we recommend the Banff National Park as to kickstart the tour. It showcases some of Canada’s most beautiful sceneries.

Turquoise lakes, snow-capped peaks, and glaciers are all sight of wonder easily accessible via the park. The jewel in the park would be Lake Louise, it’s as real as a postcard could get. Nearby you’ll find Moraine Lake, an impressive alpine lake which has dramatic surroundings, perfect for a stroll.

Much like Banff, Jasper National Park will beckon you further into the wild. It is Canada’s largest national park, covering over 10,878 square kilometers.

There you’ll find Maligne Lake, which is the face of advertisements for the Canadian Rockies, Mount Edith Cavell with the stunning Angel Glacier, and Maligne Canyon. Hiking trails and scenic lookouts aplenty for all to enjoy.

If you’d wish, the vibrant city of Calgary is a few hours drive away where you’ll be in for a treat at the Calgary Stampede that takes place annually in July. Let your cowboy vibes take over as you catch the rodeo attractions, country music, and cultural exhibitions.



The lack of artificial light earned Elqui Valley a designation as the world’s first International Dark Sky Sanctuary. It’s home to dozens of observatories, attracting both scientists and stargazers. The famous ones include ALMA and Pangue that will awaken the eclipse chaser in you.

The lush valley is also greatly admired for its Andes-flanked nature trails, world-class wines, and distilleries where travelers can sample the country’s national spirit, Pisco. We recommend paying the bohemian, vintage-vibe Chivato Negro a visit, enjoy regional dishes (such as grilled trout) and a variety of pizzas and sandwiches at this cozy joint. We’re sure you’re bound to stay for coffee or cocktails after.

For gorgeous souvenirs and handmade arts and crafts, head to Pueblo Artesenal de Horcόn where a wealth of all-natural food and cosmetic products are sold. Don’t forget to nab yourself some dream catchers, wind chimes and knit dresses for your loved ones.



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Though not many of us will have the luxury to just pack and go, with the heart of a wanderer and some basic planning, nothing is out of reach. As Saint Augustine aptly puts it,

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”, be the one who turns the pages.

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