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Black Friday 2017: Here Are The Best Flight Deals Out There


This is the season for some of the biggest sales in the world because of the special occasions like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Companies go out of their ways to give MASSIVE DISCOUNTS.


Thanksgiving is coming tomorrow. You’re probably going to be very busy for lots of reasons like: preparing that dinner you want to have with family members or loved ones, buying important stuff for your home – because everything is on sale, trying to get some work done, or even planning for the next holiday that you want to take.

If you are planning to travel and want to a good deal for flight tickets, we are here to help you out. Here is a list of some amazing discounts to top destinations. Don’t miss out on these beautiful deals!

These deals coincide with Thanksgiving & Black Friday.

Cheap Flight With Ryanair


The Black Friday sale with Ryanair is crazy!

Fly from Dublin to

London – UK, Paris – France, Brussels – Belgium, Memmingen – Germany, Hamburg – Germany

From 10 Euros – 13 Euros!

Fly From Barcelona to

Luxembourg – Luxembourg, Milan – Italy, Paris – France, Hamburg – Germany, Nador – Morocco

From 6 Euros – 10 Euros

Fly from Budapest to

Brussels – Belgium, Berlin – Germany, Eilat – Israel, Prague – Czech Republic, London – UK, Naples – Italy, Barcelona – Spain, Billund – Denmark

From 8 Euros – 20 Euros

Cheap Flight With WOWAir.us


All flight from Cleveland, Washington, Boston, Pittsburg, Chicago, and other locations to major destinations in Europe like Amsterdam – The Netherland, Berlin – Germany, Paris – France, Dublin – Ireland, Frankfurt – Germany, and Reykjavik – Iceland.

All flights start from as low as $100

Cheap Flight With Malaysia Airlines


Fly from Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia to any of these destinations:

Phuket – Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, Phnom Penh – Cambodia, Yangon – Myanmar, Jakarta – Indonesia, and other destination

From $42 – $200

T&C for all flights:

  • You have to fly within a determined time line
  • Some of these deals are one way tickets
  • You cannot select your seat – If you want to choose, the price will be different
  • Taxes may apply

Stay Alert: Track cheap flight with Google Flights

Stay Connected Wherever You Go – MASSIVE SALE (Buy One Free ONE)


Whether you’re going to Europe or the US, or Australia or anywhere really, you need to stay connected. Many travelers choose to get a local SIM card or wait to use the internet at the airport or at the hotel or any public WiFi network. Some also choose to use a Pocket WiFi.

These are not ideal solutions really. There are actually more setbacks to these solutions than benefits.

Problems with local SIM cards:

  • You will have the hassle of changing SIM cards
  • You will put your home SIM at risk of damage or lost
  • You might experience technical difficulties with your phone

Problem with public internet access:

  • You have serious safety issue
  • Many people using these networks which effects the speed and the quality
  • Getting a WiFi at a Starbucks, you need to buy something to get access
  • You have to be physically present at the network location to get access

The issues with Pocket WiFi include:

  • Extra device that you need to charge and care for – you already have your phone to take care of and charge
  • It still needs a SIM to use
  • You don’t have the freedom to choose a network provider if you already subscribe to a particular network operator

NOW, the issue with using your home SIM to roam, it is realllllly expensive!



Flexiroam X – The most innovative and affordable data roaming solution out there.

With this solution, you get:

  • Convenience to travelers – You can get connected as soon as you land with no hassle.
  • Easy Travel – It makes your travels easy and comfortable. You don’t need to buy local SIMs, which means, no more language barrier in a foreign land you’re not familiar with.
  • High-Speed Connection – Our stable and reliable 4G & 3G data coverage keeps you connected at high speed.
  • User-Friendly App – Through our Mobile App, you can conveniently check your data usage or buy more data.
  • Flat Rate – There are no hidden charges to all our data roaming packages. You can save a lot more with this solution.
  • Data Encryption Security – If you’re worried about security, worry no more – Our microchip is secured with banking standards data encryption.

Why is data roaming more important than regular direct calls?


According to industry research, direct calls and SMS’s are dying – thanks to social texting apps.

READ THIS: Here is why WhatApp is killing direct calls and SMSs

But here are some important data for you to consider. This is the monthly usage of the top mobile social texting apps:

  • WhatsApp has 3 billion active users
  • Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion active users
  • WeChat has 960 million users – Primarily in China; and
  • Skype has 300 million users

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Valid only on 24th & 27th of November

Black Friday Sale 2017

Cyber Monday Sale 2017