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Calling ALL Airline Crews: Special Gift for You!

When you’re in the plane, how many of you actually pay attention to what the cabin crew is up to?
Not only the part where they give out food, that’s different. 

Right before the plane boards, they are running back and forth, ensuring the passengers’ safety and comfort. Be honest with us, who here is guilty of not paying attention to the demonstration of emergency equipment and safety procedures? Even though this is the most important information that the cabin crews are giving out.


Appreciation to our airline crews! Source: Unsplash

Appreciation to our airline crews! Source: Unsplash


More than just people who work in the service industry, airline crews are trained to deal with emergency situations and ensure your safety. The skilled pilots and co-pilots who fly day and night to make sure you arrive at your destination safe and sound. The cabin crews who devoted their services to make the passengers’ flight experience as best as possible. 

In the current challenging situation, the airline crews’ ability and extraordinary services are much needed by the travellers. Dealing with this alarming situation is not as easy as one might think.

We should take a step back and appreciate all those small, yet meaningful gestures that they do. These gestures play a significant role in ensuring us to be safe from unwanted circumstances.


Calling all airline crews! Source: Unsplash

Calling all airline crews! Source: Unsplash


FLEXIROAM would like to give a token of appreciation for our beloved airline crews


Here’s a little thank you note from us!💌


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Thank you so much for your service!✈️ 

Have a safe flight and stay healthy!

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