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COVID-19 Home Testing Is Available NOW!

Once this all blows over, the world will be a different place. Hopefully, it will be a better place. We hope that people will be kinder to each other, learn from their mistakes, work together to prevent something like this from ever happening again. Or the very least, be better prepared.

Right now, we need to do our social responsibility. And we need to make sure that we are helpful individuals, and not a burden to our society. With that said, Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Take fast action

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Everyone in the world now has to act fast and not take any chances. The entire planet is taking a breath now as COVID-19 pandemic continues on. Many people are being effected by this, one way or another. However, there are some good news. Let’s look at some of these news;

There are vaccines that are undergoing testing and clinical trials, there are countries that followed strict guidelines to control the spread, and people are recovering from this illness.

Additionally, many people now can and will be able to access COVID-19 At-Home Test Kits.

Just like the novel virus, these test kits are still new and some people have doubts. Approvals are pending.

However, having these kits is better than having nothing at all. There might be some guidelines or regulations that will come soon, but people are deciding to get themselves checked at home.

People have been taking preventive measures in order to combat the pandemic like “Social Distancing” and “Self Quarantine.” The at-home test kit is another method to help the people on the frontline put up a good fight.

Wait a second. We just want to say: 
STAY HOME! Protect yourself and your family.

So, what is a COVID-19 At-home Test Kit?

If you have never seen a pregnancy home-testing kit, it is a good time to google it now. Also, another good example would be the diabetes home kit

Pregnancy Test. Source: Pixabay
Diabetes Home Kit. Source: PxHere

A small prick, extract a drop or two of blood
Place it on the provided strip
Wait for the timer
Get your results quickly

The COVID-19 At-home Test Kit enables you to check if you might have, potentially, contracted a foreign virus into your body. The test is simple and comes with good instructions. 

The tests show excellent results, in spite of the fact that many countries have not yet approved them. But governments are making an exception during this difficult time.

Many companies are producing the COVID-19 At-home test kits to address the overwhelming demand needed in hospitals, smaller clinics and home care. These kits also help:

  • reduce testing time, 
  • prevent long queues, 
  • and they come at an extremely affordable price (depending where you buy and who you buy it from).

One company in Malaysia, MyEG Services Berhad (Malaysia), claims to produce the results on site within 30 minutes. 

A similar situation is happening in Singapore and South Korea. In fact, Singapore is leading the efforts to produce large quantities of these test kits. With or without approval, European countries are placing their orders and taking their bets.


This test kit is not the final test.

 If your test returns a positive result, that means you have a good reason to get a thorough test at a hospital.


If you got a “negative” result, it doesn’t mean you can go out and about. If you show any symptom, it’s best to get it checked. COVID-19 At-home Test Kit is just a preventive measure and is no way to a final diagnosis. 

Additionally, you need to keep in mind that there is a possibility that the test kit might have some false results (similar to pregnancy tests).

Why do we need to use the At-home Test Kit?

As mentioned earlier, these test kits’ results are not the final diagnosis. So, why still use it?

1. It’s the first step to control this pandemic

By having people participate in testing from home, we can determine the first stages of COVID-19 and control it!

2. It gets more people tested, FASTER

Laboratories are overwhelmed. Their priorities are to attend to confirmed cases and people with serious symptoms. This way, people will be able to test themselves, and provide a reason to the labs and healthcare professionals to conduct tests and place patients in the priorities queues.

3. It helps lighten the load of the medical workers

We all know how hard our medical frontliners have been working (let’s give them a big round of applause. Also, if you can donate to your local communities to help, please do).

This At-home Test Kit will help reduce the burden, especially now. It’s not the final test, yes that’s true, but that means YOU have done part of your responsibility. And you’re trying to help.

How to use it?

Different companies offer different methods of testing, but most methods are similar. The most popular way is to get your blood sample onto the test strip and add a chemical solution (it comes with the kit). The test kit will detect the antibodies produced by human bodies when they contract COVID-19, they are IgM and IgG. 

This test doesn’t need nose or throat swabs to determine whether the COVID-19 virus is in someone’s body. After 30 minutes, you can get your results. 


Example of COVID-19 At-home Test Kit from Biolidics Ltd.

Where can I get it?

There are several companies that offer these test kits. Prices are definitely different based on the supplier, and the country of your residence.

FLEXIROAM is currently taking initiative to help the front liners by working with third parties to provide our users with the at-home test kits.

By offering the at-home testing kits, FLEXIROAM will at least provide help for our healthcare frontliners who are working day and night to combat this virus.

We will have more updates and stay tuned for the pre-order listing.

If you wish to acquire the at-home test kit sooner, we recommend that you check with your local authorities, local pharmacies, and online suppliers. Please do your homework before you buy. Do not waste your money.

If you’re fine and show no symptoms, find a good charity in your local community and donate to them.

If you have the financial means, you can buy the kits and donate them to your local health care units. It will be very helpful! Please do what you can to help.

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