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In the event that the status quo of a trend is threatened, new opportunities will arise and will be taken to the advantage by visionaries and trailblazers in efforts to introduce something new to the market.

Whenever a new technology or technological advancements begin to show indications that it could disrupt an already settles industry. This can be taken as an advantage for those who are willing to adapt to the change and take lead to discover how they can gain from the change. Those who are willing to take control can define what the future will look like and who will benefit from it.

The eSIM is precisely the type of revolutionary industry altering development that could change the mobile industry. The effect of this new tech will be experienced by everyone involved.

*eSIM- Embedded SIM


The Game Changer

The Apple Watch 3, iPad 9.7, Google Pixel 2, Samsung galaxy gear S2 3G, Pixel 2 XL and Microsoft Surface Pro LTE are the first products that started to feature the eSIM back in 2016 & 2017. However, Apple recently launched their 3 new iPhones and all three of them offer the eSIM feature. As Apple is one of the leading mobile companies globally it is certain that other companies in the industry are sure to catch on the eSIM wave and begin implementing the feature in the name relevancy and competition.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) have really taken the eSIM seriously. A study by ROCCO revealed that 80% of MNOs think that the eSIM will most probably be replacing physical SIM cards and subsequently over 20% of MNOs are likely to implement the eSIM in their future devices and projects.

MNOs- Mobile Network Operators 
MVNOs- Mobile Virtual Network Operators

In addition to this, the IoT (internet of things) technology is going to be greatly rewarded and reap a lot from the eSIM. The eSIM was essentially the missing link needed in the IoT to become even more advanced as they have progressively prevalent hence with eSIM, IoT enabled devices will also become widespread. The increased amount in eSIM implemented IoT devices means there will be an unparalleled need for constant network connectivity.  

IoT- Internet of Things

For IOT to be best elevated reaching its greatest potential, smart devices will have to have a continuous communication network that doesn’t lose its signal when WiFi is not connected. An eSIM will allow for this to be possible and can be put in almost anything which will vigor network operators to have an even more essential role to play. Soon keeping phones on the grid won’t be the only concern. Entire lifestyles will son need constant connectivity and the eSIM will sanction MNOs to offer this in never before seen modes.

For MNOs and MVNOs, there is a lot of uplifting news: inventive new arrangements to be struck, phenomenal IOT prospects, and the opportunity to bond their place in buyers’ lives for a long time to come.

All in all, it’s clear to see eSIM will be a disruptive nature. Not only will provide consumers with the unparalleled convenience of switching mobile networks swiftly and promptly. In addition to this, consumers will also have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade their data plans with no major hassle.

A new subscribers market could emerge and only the top tier pans will survive. The market could open up for smaller telco players. Imagine using a 4G network that is restricted to urban and city wider borders.

Now imagine changing to a telco network with national coverage. The cost of savings on infrastructure and logistics would be huge for newcomers. Existing telcos would have to offer more value and better services if they don’t want to lose their long-term commitments from customers.




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