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eSIM phones you need to look out for in 2020

eSIM Phones you need to look out for in 2020

Today we are taking a look at eSIM capable phones. Those that have recently entered, soon-to-be, and will be in the 2020 smartphone market. 

For eSIM smartphones that have been in the market for some time, you can check out another article of ours

Before we dive into the upcoming eSIM phones, let’s take a look at the recently released eSIM phones in the 2020:

Recently released eSIM phones

Samsung Galaxy S20. Source: Wikimedia
Motorola Razr V4. Source: Flickr
Samsung Galaxy Fold. Source: Flickr

Samsung Galaxy S20

The S20 was released 6th of March 2020, retailing at $999. The latest addition to the Samsung smartphone product line. Named in a true smartphone brand naming fashion the S20 skipped nine iterations of the “S series” with the last phone in the series is the S10.

Improvements from S10 to S20

Several improvements were made to the S20 over the S10. The most notable improvements were:

  1. eSIM support
  2. 5G support
  3. Improved camera sensors
  4. Increased memory
  5. Higher refresh rate on screen


The inclusion of eSIM and 5G support is huge for the S20 as more telcos adopt eSIM technology and 5G connection. It is a powerful smartphone that will be able to tap into new telecommunications technology as it is released.

Motorola Razr v4 

Sleek, chic and foldable, you can check out our article on the Motorola RAZR V4 here: 

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold Is another noteworthy eSIM capable phone, 


Upcoming eSIM phones in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
iPhone 12
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 

The Galaxy Fold 2 is set to be released during Q2 of 2020, with a speculated price of $2000 to stay consistent with their premium pricing. The specifications and features currently known about the Galaxy Fold 2 is a collection of leaked information on the phone and thus may not make it to the final product.   

Improvements from Fold 1 to Fold 2 

  1. A new form of Spen
  2. Ultra-Thin Glass protection
  3. 108-megapixel sensor
  4. Snapdragon 865
  5. 5G Connectivity


The problems surrounding any folding phone at this point are all similar, due to the infancy of the technology. Bumps under the screen are unavoidable as glass is too brittle to be used for a folding screen. Developers have yet to come up with a more suitable material to replace the plastics in use at the moment. With a price point around $2000, similar features to the S20, the folding screen feature may seem gimmicky and without purpose. 

Apple iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 will be released during the first half of September 2020, with the exact date of release unconfirmed at the moment. The iPhone 12 will be up for retail at around $700 for the basic model and $1100 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If the iPhone 11 felt like a stand-in for something greater, that’s because it probably was. The iPhone 12 is expected to have a bunch of new features not available in the iPhone 11 and is the iPhone to look out for this year.

Speculated Improvements from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12

  1. eSIM support
  2. 5G support
  3. USB-C support
  4. In-display fingerprint scanner
  5. Upgraded facial recognition software
  6. Wireless charging


As iPhone 12 is not in the market yet, all we can do is speculate. However, a pain point true of all Apple phones is the low and fixed internal memory. The phone’s design is more or less going to be the same as the iPhone X/XS/11 Pro which may come as a disappointment for those looking for a slightly newer look. The most significant changes to the phone that Apple has decided to go with this year is a substantial boost to internal power. 

There is speculation that the iPhone 12 will be making a switch from lightning bolt to USB-c, which would be great as it reduces the amount of expensive hardware that must be purchased together with the phone. The iPhone 12 will have several key improvements over the iPhone 11. 

5G and eSIM support are what differentiate the iPhone 12 from a majority of its competitors. 

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Another noteworthy eSIM capable phone on the horizon is the Mi Mix Alpha by Xiaomi, retailing at around $2700. If you are looking to spend some money on a quality eSIM capable phone, you should check out the Mi Mix Alpha. You can have a look at another article we wrote on the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha here: 


Nokia 8.2. Source: Phone Arena
OnePlus 8. Source: Indozone

Nokia 8.2 

The unofficial release date of the Nokia 8.2 is 19th of March 2020 with a speculated price of $500. At this speculated price point the Nokia 8.2 is looking to be excellent value for money, with robust hardware and specs that would be expected at a slightly higher price point. 

Speculated Improvements from Nokia 8.1

  1. eSim Support (Rumoured)
  2. 5G support
  3. More Ram
  4. Slimmer and lighter
  5. 433% more megapixels
  6. Multi-Camera set up
  7. Double the internal memory 


Several reports found the heavy indications of Nokia phones may be released with eSIM support or at least they plan on integrating into their phones in the future. The Nokia 8.2’s release will come with vast improvements from the 8.1, with the design changed so that the body is lighter and slimmer and hardware improvements made to the camera and both RAM and internal memory. 

OPPO Oneplus 8 

14th of April 2020, is the unofficial release date for the OPPO Oneplus 8 set to retail at an estimated $500. This is a smartphone to look out for, with a high likeliness that OPPO will adopt eSIM shortly.

Improvements from Oneplus 7 to Oneplus 8 

  1. Snapdragon 865
  2. Higher MP triple camera set up 
  3. eSIM support
  4. 5G support


OPPO has hinted on multiple occasions that the Oneplus 8 will include eSIM support with other leaks suggesting that they are also working on a 5G ready phone. The Oneplus 8 will consist of significant design changes as well as some spec upgrades. Futuristic technology is one of OPPO’s key strength and we are hopeful that the Oneplus 8 will reflect that with eSIM and 5G support.

That is it for now, folks! We are excited about these new phones, are you? eSIM should be among your top priorities when choosing a new phone!


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