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Explore Precious Italy The Aussie way, Our Tips And Recommendations For You


Pick a color. Any color in any shade. We’re certain you can find it in charming Italy.

The pastel buildings, rolling green slopes, deep red wine and plenty more will beckon you time and time again. Who wouldn’t want a trip to precious Italy? We have some recommendations for you to bring a step closer to saying “Ciao!” as often as you would say “G’ day”.



The estimated budget of 61 EUR (98.87 AUD) which can be broken down to the following:


Top 3 Must-See Places in Florence


Arguably one of the world’s best spot for a panoramic view, the Santa Maria del Fiore is the domed cathedral, also popularly known as “Duomo”. It’s known today as the world’s largest masonry dome, featuring 600 years’ worth of stunning architecture and artworks. You’d want to bask in the glory of Florence from this majestic place.


The Ponte Vecchio is the Arno River’s oldest (and most photographed) crossing and a world-famous symbol of Florence. It’s signature three segmented arches were the brainchild of Taddeo Gaddi or Neri di Fioravante who rebuilt the famous bridge in 1345, after it was constantly damaged and torn down by floods. The Ponte Vecchio is especially stunning when lighting from the bridge is reflected upon the water.


Located off the Piazza Della Signoria stands the world-renowned Uffizi Gallery. Formerly built as a palace in 1560, it once housed the offices of the city magistrates. The palace then evolved into an art gallery after the ruling dynasty of the Medici family relinquished its power. Today, it is home to an exquisite collection of Renaissance art treasures, offering thousands of artworks by masters such as Michaelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Titan.

Top 3 Must-Try Foods in Florence


Bistecca Alla Florentina – Florentine Steak from local Chianina cows, perfect for sharing available at Local trattorias such as Buca Lapi and Trattoria Marione.


Lampredotto – The popular street food sandwich with thinly sliced, bone-boiled tripe (intestines) available at Sergio Pollini Lampredotto and L’Antico Trippaio.


Gelato – Of course there’s Gelato! Florence has the best Gelato in Italy or so we heard. Handmade, artisanal and flavors to whet your appetite. Awesome gelato selections at My Sugar and Perche No!

florence Pro travel tips:

  1. Chat with the locals, they’ll give you the best tips for food and wine.
  2. Try to speak basic Italian like “ciao!” or “Grazie” effort is appreciated.
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The estimated budget of 66 EUR (106.97 AUD) which can be broken down to the following:


Top 3 Must-See Places in Venice


Venice’s best-known church would be St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco), decorated with gold-backed mosaic pictures above the doorways is just an appetizer of the artistry inside. Amongst others, you’ll find mosaics designed by Titian and Tintoretto. Adorned with precious stones and gems, you’ll need to physically see it to do it justice.


Neighboring the Basilica is St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) which is dubbed as Venice’s living room. It’s where everybody gathers, strolls, drinks coffee, chats, meets friends, tours and more. You can go to the top of the Torre dell’ Orologio where a pair of “Moors” strikes the hour and for a better look at the bustling piazza. The square has fashionable shops and even more fashionable cafes beneath the arcade, great for a pit stop and pictures.


A trip to Venice would not be complete without paying Murano and Burano a visit. This colorful landscape is home to Venice’s fabled glass workers. There are plenty of little shops to admire this unique form of art. The canal sides today are lined by glass showrooms and studios too, everything from cheap important trinkets to amazing masterpieces. You can visit both Burano and Murano by water bus.

Top 3 Must-Try Foods in Venice


Sarde in saor – Saor refers to a cooking technique whereby onions are softened slowly over a flame until aromatic and later mixed with raisins and pine nuts. Sarde is sardines that soak up this onion juice. Available at Ristorante Rosa Rossa and Trattoria da GiGio.


Spaghetti in Nero di sepia – This plate of pasta is as black as coffee, this squid ink delight will win over all tourists with its briny flavor of squid, wine, onion, tomato and ink braise. Found in Ristorante Diana and Cantina Do Spade.


Frittelle – Something sweet that’s found during Carnivale (Carnival) period, pastry fritters enjoyed before Lent as part of the festivities. Unlike other fritters, they consist of pine nuts and raisins before finally dusting off with sugar. Get it at Pasticceria Tonolo and Pasticceria Bucintoro.

venice Pro travel tips:

  1. Try to pack clothes that don’t require much ironing, not many hotels carry them.
  2. Not every restaurant serves free tap water, you may have to buy it bottled.
  3. Cars travel on the other side of the road. Be careful.



The estimated budget of 68 EUR (110.21 AUD) which can be broken down to the following:


Top 3 Must-See Places in Rome


With 2000 years of history, the Colosseum is the main symbol of Rome. Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, this remarkable monument began construction in the year 72 of the Vespasian empire and was completed in the year 80 under the rule of emperor Titus. Over 6 million people visit this amazing structure annually.


Penny for your thoughts? Many would-be familiar with this intricately structured that everyone keeps tossing coins in all for a wish. The Trevi Fountain has a gorgeous exterior but behind it is an interesting myth, throw 1 coin and you’ll come back to Rome, throw 2 and you will fall in love with an attractive Italian, 3 and you’ll marry them!


The Sistine Chapel is Michelangelo’s masterpiece. This treasure is known for its aesthetics, decoration and as a sacred place where popes are chosen and crowned. It was built between 1473 and 1481, this marvelous monument is not known for its architecture rather its covered walls with jaw-dropping works by Botticelli, Perugino, Luca and of course, Michelangelo.

Top 3 Must-Try Foods in Rome


Supplì – Rice croquettes found at takeaway joints and pizzerias. Typically with ground beef or sausage added, cooked with tomatoes and rice till creamy then there comes the cheese. Salivate on these sinful snacks like the Romans do at FoodBox and Supplizio.


Carbonara – Sure you’ve had plenty of Carbonara before there’s nothing like the real deal. One thing Italians stand by is that this dish should not have cream on it. Surprised? Us too. This silky pasta dish is enjoyed by all and you can find it at Armando al Pantheon and L’Arcangelo.


Baccalà – This cod dish is popular among locals; it’s prepped with an eggy batter and served piping hot. Find it at (all unanimous) Dar Filettaro, the best there is.


  1.   Each region has its own food and wine signature. Find out what the area’s star dishes are and be sure to indulge.
  2.   You will need to cover your shoulders when you enter sacred places like St Peter’s Basilica.

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