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FLEXIROAM’s strategy in scaling for global expansion

Like other Malaysian startups, hiring (talents) is a big challenge. Why would you want to work in a company that no one had heard of and forgo the big fat salary that large companies can afford to pay? Even large companies in Malaysia are facing challenges to retain talents. Some local companies have even relocated to other countries to solve this problem.

In the early years of FLEXIROAM, hiring talents was tough! We made many applications to recruit in milk-round career fairs organised by private colleges but often time, our applications were rejected as they had limited spaces with priority being given to the multi-national companies (MNCs) or large companies with big brands. Even if we managed to secure a space to exhibit, we still had to compete fiercely for students to join us instead of the multibillion telecommunication companies exhibiting next door!

Career fair

FLEXIROAM exhibiting at SEGI University’s career fair

To face the challenges, we know the conventional recruitment strategies will not work. We transformed our internship program into one that is extraordinary. The interns are called the apprentices and they do not do what the ordinary interns do. Our development programs are crafted in a way to really test and challenge their current and unleash future inherent capabilities. During their internship, our apprentices will travel overseas on assignment, are given opportunities to lead, spearhead local and overseas events, represent FLEXIROAM in networking sessions and play a critical role in challenging projects like fund-raising and the IPO exercise.

From top left to right: Luiz (Brazil), Mbula (South Africa), Mahmood (India), Carlos (Ghana), Afzal (India), Laz (Uzbekistan), Gianty (Taiwan) & Cel (Ghana). From bottom left to right: El (Malaysia), Valle (Spain), Claudia (Mexico), Katrina (China) & Fernanda (Brazil).

From top left to right: Luiz (Brazil), Mbula (South Africa), Mahmood (India), Carlos (Ghana), Afzal (India), Laz (Uzbekistan), Gianty (Taiwan) & Cel (Ghana).
From bottom left to right: El (Malaysia), Valle (Spain), Claudia (Mexico), Katrina (China) & Fernanda (Brazil).

Fast forward to today, we are invited to give talks and exhibit alongside big companies in career fairs because of the positive testimonials from our past interns. We also have interns who returned to join us full time after they had graduated!

1/3 of the population of the world have yet to travel out of their countries and they are bound to be hit by roaming charges when they do. Roaming charges are not just a financial burden to Malaysians at large but travellers from all around the world. With that said, we need talents from around the world to join us in solving this global issue as we expand.

Today, approximately 25% of our 47 employees are Foreign Knowledge Workers from 10 different countries namely India, China, Mexico, Spain, Syria, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and Taiwan. We aim to double the size of our workforce in the next 2 years and definitely welcome talents from all cultures and countries to join the big FLEXIROAM family.

The diversity of the team creates a fun & innovative working culture for both locals and foreigners alike. My vision is for them to grow as leaders of the organization and bring FLEXIROAM back to their home country.

— Jef Ong, CEO

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