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The FlexiRoam Invitation to the World!

Finally, international roaming is now affordable!

Welcome to FlexiRoam everyone!

Today, we’re excited to begin a very special journey. And you, your friends and family are especially invited to join us.

Come aboard FlexiRoam’s world of unlimited international roaming. It’s where you can make and receive unlimited calls while you are overseas back to Malaysia at a very affordable rate.

Get RM10 Free Credits! Here’s how in three easy steps:

Step 1 – Just Sign Up at FlexiRoam

Step 2 – ‘Like’ us on Facebook

Step 3 – Share to Facebook profile

Once both steps have been done, you will receive your RM10 free credits in your account!

Follow us on Twitter for tips and updates too. It’s a quiet shout out today. But a good loud buzz coming soon!

Because international roaming, as you know it now, will never, ever be the same again.

View all the excitement at www.flexiroam.com