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FLEXIROAM is your helping hand! Why? Read this, NOW!

Hi Flexiroamers!

How are you feeling? Good? Amazing! 

We know how tough it is for everyone to stay positive, but that’s what FLEXIROAM is here for! 

To cheer up your day and brighten up your mood, just like an ice cream on a hot summer day, FLEXIROAM has a lot of exciting things for you!

Some of you are undergoing self quarantine or just social distancing for at least 14 days. We completely understand what you’re going through and therefore, we will share with you things that will help you during this time!


Social distancing is not a problem because we got you covered, literally! FLEXIROAM has special and unique plans just for you to enjoy. You know the saying, the bigger the better.

– GLOBAL DATA 15GB = US$18.00

– GLOBAL DATA 20GB = US$22.00

– GLOBAL DATA 30GB = US$30.00

The question is not what can you do with this big amount of data, it’s what CAN’T you do? Because you can do literally anything, yes, ANYTHING! From binge watching your favorite shows or dramas to playing your favorite mobile games!

Check out our FLEXIROAM X APP to enjoy this amazing deal! Limited time and stocks.


We understand that some of you still need to travel due to the nature of your work like being a pilot, working with rescue missions, travelling medical personals, essential services professionals, and similar professions. You shouldn’t travel if it is not urgent.

That’s why FLEXIROAM is helping you in this situation by giving you 65% OFF selected GLOBAL DATA PLANS (1GB and above)

Just apply the code: 6SUMMER5 

And enjoy the data!


Opting for Local Data Plans? Definitely possible! Especially if you are only in one country and are going to stay there for a while. We offer you a variety of data, from 500MB to 10GB, depending on your location!

Code is auto-applied.

Other than these amazing and out-of-the-world promotions, we offer you a helping hand by creating this group called

You can share your stories, testimonies, or even make some friends from every inch of the globe!

Click here to join the group!

In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to

  1. Follow our Social Media pages

Instagram: @flexiroam
Facebook: Flexiroam
Twitter: @flexiroam
LinkedIn: Flexiroam

2. Check your in-app notifications regularly

3. Monitor our blog at RoamingBuzz, and

4. Our website: Flexiroam.com

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe, Flexiroamers!

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