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Flexiroam to Offer Free Data Roaming for Whatsapp in 130 Countries Worldwide


Travellers and globe trotters can now tick one thing off their list of worries: connectivity. Mobile data roaming provider Flexiroam Limited has announced free data roaming for WhatsApp in its release of Flexiroam X2 BETA. Exclusive invites will be sent out on 15th March 2018 to allow users to enjoy special ‘sponsored data’ to stay connected through free text messages, voice and video calls via the WhatsApp application.

Connectivity is a basic necessity for most but still represents a significant challenge to many travellers. To combat this, Flexiroam provides affordable, borderless data roaming globally. Flexiroam X currently has about 120,000 subscribers from over 50 different countries worldwide and counting. Other applications such as WhatsApp also allow users to stay connected across borders, much like Flexiroam’s aim. Those who are selected as Flexiroam X2 BETA users will be able to enjoy free Flexiroam data for WhatsApp without incurring any costs.

Founded in 2009, WhatsApp currently has 1 billion active users daily. Over 55 billion messages are sent over WhatsApp everyday, as well as 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos. The application is widely used in 109 countries and growing, making it the top messaging application for more than 55% of the world.

The official version of Flexiroam X2 will be released in the second quarter of 2018. It will be Flexiroam’s new platform that sells a specific data pool to other mobile operators, Over-The-Top (OTT) players and advertisers so they can incentivise their users by providing them with free data to use its application. Via the platform, Flexiroam X users will be able to benefit from sponsored data on specific applications. The final product is similar to the BETA version, with more partnerships from companies with other applications.

Advertisers who aim to increase customer loyalty can purchase a data package from Flexiroam and sponsor their users with free data roaming to be used on their mobile application. Flexiroam X2 enables advertisers to offer value-adding services or incentives to their users so that they can continue using their service whilst travelling abroad without incurring any data roaming charges.

WhatsApp users worldwide can sign up for Flexiroam X² BETA by entering their email address at  http://www.flexiroam.com/x2. Invitations will be sent to successful applicants on the 15th March 2018. This is a great opportunity to stay connected whilst overseas without incurring any roaming charges.