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Flexiroam was Reviewed by Australia’s Technology Journalist


Alex Zaharov-Reutt, one of Australia’s best-known technology journalists and consumer tech experts, shared his insightful experience using Flexiroam X Microchip on his site iTWire.

Alex Zaharov-Reutt
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Flexiroam offers cheap data roaming that works smoothly in more than 100 countries worldwide. It saves you the hassle of switching between different local SIM cards when traveling!

“It is a very handy system with inexpensive data that is a LOT more convenient that switching between different SIM cards.”
–  Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Alex got the chance to meet up with Flexiroam’s Managing Director, Jef Ong, along with Flexiroam’s Vice President of Business Development, Jason Khoo, when they were in Australia, to get a personal demo on the way Flexiroam X works.

He then made two video recordings of their encounter. First with Jef Ong, where they talked about Flexiroam X product and a little more about the launch and the company.

Next Alex got the chance to speak with Jason Khoo, where he was shown the way Flexiroam microchips should be applied (by sticking the microchip onto your existing SIM card), and the simple steps to activate the service and ways to get some free data.

iTWire readers were also generously offered FREE 500MB of extra bonus data! All they had to do was key in the promotion code ‘ITWIRE’ in the Flexiroam App, and they could unlock their free data*.

Alex showed his excitement to try the Flexiroam X data roaming service in Las Vegas as he attended the Pegaworld event. He was thoroughly pleased with the convenience that Flexiroam’s microchip data roaming service brings.

We are very pleased that our Flexiroam X product has served you well and that you have enjoyed using it! We hope to bring you better service in the near future Alex! 

Tell us your experience using Flexiroam X product in the comment section below! Be sure to also check out our cheap data roaming package at Flexiroam X with data coverage in 100+ countries before you travel! 

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* Note: ITWIRE promo code is no longer usable.