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Flexiroam Story: A seafarer’s journey through Covid-19.

“I’m a seafarer on merchant container vessels operating on a global level managed by a German company.

Currently I’m writing this from middle of Red Sea, We just left port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and we are heading towards Indian Ocean to Salalah in Sultanate of Oman. We will pass through Bab el Mandeb strait and Gulf of Aden ( famous for piracy), so we are taking the necessary precautions. We will come back through same ports and head back to Europe (Mediteranean Sea) through Suez Canal (Egypt) to Morocco, Spain, France and Italy .

Yes, Italy’s that country in Europe that had a boom with Covid-19 cases and while the infections were at it’s peak in months of March-May we went there delivering all the goods that people needed. For your information, 95% of the goods that you buy anywhere in your country is brought to you by ships operated by seafarers. We are the “Invisible Workers”. If you ever imagine that sometimes we pull the vessel on the side of the road to have some rest, you are wrong! From the moment we step foot on the vessel , we are working 24/7/365 in non stop shifts without normal rest or holidays to deliver goods!

With all this happening, we still have a small relief window on board the vessel called internet though internet on board is still expensive. We are paying $20 for 200Mb.

Most of seafarers still depend on the shore internet and SIM cards to video call their loved ones. Up to last year I was chasing the shore & port staff for SIM cards & top ups until I discovered and started looking into embedded SIMs (eSIM) and how they work and realized this might be a game changer.

Afterwards I only had to look for the best operator that can bring me the maximum efficiency. That is how I chose Flexiroam. This really changed my resting hours and allowed me to connect to my dear ones without having to chase strangers in the ports for internet and especially without needing to get into physical contact with anyone on the shore during the pandemic. I personally thank you for making this possible.”

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