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FlexiRoam Support Information

FlexiRoam Support time is monday to friday 9am-6pm

For now, FlexiRoam customer support is available from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday – Malaysian Time (GMT +8). You can still contact us after office hours but it will be on a best effort basis.

The after office hours calls are routed to individual FlexiRoam support staff’s mobile numbers, so don’t be surprised if you hear car honking or fish market background sound!

Please do understand that we need to have substantial customers and travelers using FlexiRoam everyday to make economical sense to start a 24/7 customer support center.

We have also decided not to outsource our support (e.g routing your calls to India), because doing so will add costs to our service which may mean that we will have to increase prices of our RM10/day Unlimited Roaming Service.

So we said no! We shall not pass this cost to our customers. On top of that, the non-FlexiRoam staff may not be as passionate as we are in helping you.

The FlexiRoam team has decided to rely more on social media and Internet to help our customers. Presently, you can tweet us, facebook us or even email us your questions on FlexiRoam. We will definitely reply you, or at least, I will personally reply you.

You can also help us by helping yourself, read the FAQ & the user guides! We will be creating more guides in the forms of how-to-videos or blog posts in explaining how to use FlexiRoam.

We also appreciate that Technology Evangelist / Bloggers out there like Tien Soon (whose post explains in detail how to use FlexiRoam with useful screenshots) & MalaysianWireless who are helping us spread the word to the public on how our service works! Thanks! We’ll be sending you RM30 FlexiRoam credits to use on your next trip as a token of appreciation. Please contact us at support@flexiroam.com in regards to your free credits.


Jef Ong
Founder of FlexiRoam

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