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Flexiroam to Offer WiFi Onboard with Scoot Airlines


Flexiroam Limited is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Flexiroam Asia Limited (“Flexiroam”) has signed a partnership agreement with Scoot Airlines (“Scoot”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore Airlines Group.


Partnership with Scoot Airlines


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Scoot is based in Singapore and its network spans over 60 destinations across 17 countries and territories.

The partnership agreement will see Flexiroam provide a complimentary Flexiroam X microchip with 100MB of data to qualifying Scoot customers. In addition, later in 2018, selected Scoot customers will receive a complimentary in-flight WiFi session on Scoot’s WiFi-enabled Boaeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, and will be able to exchange their Flexiroam data allowance for additional in-flight WiFi.

The agreement confirms Flexiroam as a pioneer in offering in-air connectivity to its customers. The in-flight WiFi industry is expected to generate USD 1 billion in 2018 alone, with substantial growth expected over the coming years, as currently only 25% of flights worldwide offer on-board WiFi. Flexiroam’s early entry into this potentially lucrative market is expected to significantly boost its visibility among Scoot’s extensive user base, and is an important step in gaining added exposure to the USD 496 billion international leisure travel market. The innovative offering is designed to increase the Company’s recurrent revenue streams through expanding the range of services Flexiroam provides to its customers.


Jef Ong, Managing Director of Flexiroam


Jef Ong, the Managing Director of Flexiroam, commented:

“In 2017, Flexiroam forged partnerships with several reputable international airlines, allowing us to secure a recurring revenue stream through direct exposure to frequent travellers. This year, we aim to continue our efforts in forming partnerships with reputable airlines whilst innovating to offer more services which will benefit our users as well as our partner’s customers. This partnership will allow Flexiroam to provide in-flight WiFi connectivity, a new and exciting element for Flexiroam.”


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FLEXIROAM (ASX:FRX) is a global mobile virtual network operator that aims to excel in serving all mobile users with the best data experience worldwide. Flexiroam X is an ultra thin microchip technology that attaches to a user’s existing SIM which provides easy and secure data access. Flexiroam currently has coverage in over 130 countries and has access to over 580 network operators globally. Flexiroam works with over 100 travel industry partners to serve customers from over 50 countries. For more information, do visit investors.flexiroam.com or www.flexiroam.com.

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