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Flexiroam X New Feature – Calls!



Data roaming is no longer a headache for all you frequent travellers and backpackers alike! Because Flexiroam is here to save the day with it’s latest invention – Flexiroam X.

X is a microchip that is paired with a mobile app that is poised to revolutionise the roaming industry. With a yearly membership price of USD 9.99 (RM50) you get to enjoy roaming in over 120 countries thanks to the vast pool of network providers that we are partnered with.

But data roaming is not the only issue we are trying to resolve. We have heard and now we’re delivering!

Flexiroam would like to introduce our latest feature – Voice Calls!

Now you can use your Flexiroam X to make phone calls to anyone, anywhere. Of course in the countries that we’re covered in. No, we do not charge your local telcos for the calls you make, but we deduct your data instead. So now you get to not only roam overseas, but make phone calls and not worry about being charged with a huge bomb the moment you get home!

Psst – the best part is that you don’t have to switch SIM to make a call using Flexiroam X too! Easy, isn’t it?


This is how your App will look like before Adding Your Caller ID


Once you click on the bottom left button, you will receive a pop up!


Just key in your own phone number and click on Continue


You will receive a call, asking you to key in your 6 digit code!


Just key in the code, aaaaannnnndddddd


Boom! All set and ready to go! Now the peeps back home will know it’s you who is calling, instead of a random number!

Now if you’re a Flexiroam X user, a call will only cost you 10MB/per minute; but if you’re not a Flexiroam X user, it will cost you 50MB/per minute.

So, what are you guys waiting around for? Head on over to your Google Play or Apple Store now to download or update your Flexiroam X App!

Enjoy the best of both roaming and voice calls at a cheaper rate now!