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Flexiroam X – New Look, New Features, New Everything!!




Wherever you go, Flexiroam X keeps you connected.

The one of its kind data roaming solution that was launched in June 2016 has launched its brand new interface, today! User-friendly beyond imagination, the Flexiroam X app has been revamped to offer greater convenience to its users and more chances to earn free data perks!

Don’t worry about managing multiple sim cards or looking for a wifi spot at different airports and travel with constant connectivity with roaming data that can be used in over 120 countries around the globe. All thanks to Flexiroam X.

For those new on-board, Flexiroam X is a really thin microchip – 0.08mm to be exact, and this loosely translates to being thinner than an A4 sheet – that sticks to your local SIM card and instantly transforms it into a dual SIM. The microchip is compatible with our mobile app which helps you manage and earn free data while you roam around the world!!

Want to know more??

Here’s a quick guide to the new Flexiroam X app which is loaded with amazing new features.

Well, basically all you have to pay for is the 1-year membership because the microchip comes complimentary. But we also provide you the choice of purchasing your membership along with instant 1GB of data! Now the membership cost USD 9.99 and the package with the extra 1GB is USD 29.99.

For new users, get started with the new app by logging in with one click via Facebook, Google or your email address. For current users, all you have to do is, update your app and log in with your email address that’s registered with your Flexiroam account. Simple!

The new app has tons of free data for everyone waiting to be claimed. To earn extra data, you can refer the app to your friends; because each successful referral will earn both of you 100MB. In addition to that, you to earn free data when you connect your Flexiroam X account with your Facebook Account!

We’ve also added Referral Challenges for you guys! If you are able to refer the app to 5 friends within 24 hours, you’ll get an extra 1GB! The best part is that if you ever have extra data left, but your membership expires; don’t worry. Because as soon as you will renew your membership and you will be able to use your data again!

The new app also allows you to contact our support team easily. Just fill in the form and an email will be sent straight to our support team and they’ll instantly get in touch with you.

Okay, so technically the new app is an awesome upgrade because it’s faster, smoother and better. But the best part of it all?

You can now make international calls with Flexiroam X! The 4th tab in the Menu Bar, that’s where you will find this feature. If you are already a Flexiroam X membership subscriber, you’ll be deducted 10MB per minute; but don’t fret if you’re not, because you still get to use it for 15MB per minute.

Do note however that the above function is only applicable after the 21st of March, this year. It’s just a few weeks away! 

So, what are you guys waiting for!? If you’re already a Flexiroam X user, hurry up and update your X App; but if you’re not, then go ahead and download it from your Google or App Store now!

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